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Student CM 380 Agenda Setting

Agenda Setting/political lectures

Patrice Oppliger

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Student CM 380 Agenda Setting

Agenda Setting
Agenda Setting (shaping) vs
Agenda Building (reciprocity)
Panel Studies: Looking for causality
Time 1 Time 2
Media Agenda
Public Opinion
Policy Agenda
media coverage public opinion
public opinion media coverage
Example from The West Wing
Kathleen Hall Jamieson: Agenda Setting and Health Insurance Reform 2009
"Media don't tell us what to think...Media tell us what to think about"
high relevance + high uncertainty =
high need for orientation =
avid consumers =
strong agenda-setting effects
First Level of Agenda Setting:
salience of object

Second Level:
salience of attributes
"pictures in our heads"
"Media don't tell us what to think,
media tell us what to think about."
"Media tell us what to think about
and how to think about some objects."
Role of Parody and Sarcasm
Historic: political cartoons
network news (4 days)

newspaper (4 days) 46%
cable news (4 days) 48%
Letterman/Leno 49%
The Daily Show 60%
Jon Stewart vs. CNN's Crossfire
SNL parodies
Media supply a context and suggests what the issue is through the use of:
Excessive dependence on medium = more influence and power
*Example: dependency on news outlet
Dependency Theory

Early Agenda Setting Theory:
Agenda Setting Finding:
Early Agenda Setting Theory:
Later Agenda Setting Theory:
Knowledge test 2004 election by media consumption
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