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Canada's Mixed Economy

Grade 8 Geography Chapter 5 Test Review

Joanne Christie

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Canada's Mixed Economy

Primary Industry
Primary Industry
is work based on harvesting natural resources, such as animals, crops, trees, or minerals. The chart below indicates the main characteristics of the four primary industries.
Impact of Government, Business, and Producers
Governments tax and spend.
They charge taxes to the people of the country and then make choices on how to spend that money on things that will benefit the country.

producer groups
which looks after the interests of the sellers and/or
marketing boards
which promotes the product and maintains fair prices

consumer groups
which represent the interests of the buyers and
consumer advocates
who protects buyers from fraud, inferior products, false advertising etc.
Canada's Mixed Economy
The basic types of economies were introduced in chapter 4:
traditional, market,
mixed economy
is an economy that has a combination of
these basic types.
Canada has a mix of market and command systems.
Three groups which play a part in Canada's mixed economy are
business, government,

All three have the power to influence the production and consumption of goods and services.
Secondary Industry
Secondary industry
makes commercial products from the primary industry resources, through manufacturing or construction. Secondary industry is a system based on stages.
the first stage of the manufacturing system in which decisions are made
the second stage of manufacturing, in which the product is made
the third stage of manufacturing, in which products are distributed to customers
the last stage of manufacturing, in which the product and process are judged.
Tertiary Industry
Tertiary industry
provides personal, social, and commercial services, as well as transportation and public utilities.
What You Need to Know
Understand and be able to explain what makes Canada a mixed Economy.

Be able to identify and describe the three groups that have an influence on Canada's economy.

Be able to define the three types of industry and give examples of each.
Grade 8 Geography Chapter 5 Test Review
Canada's Mixed Economy
Primary industry can also combine with other industry type.
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