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Cry, the beloved Country


Daniel Fandiño

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Cry, the beloved Country

fsdsdcfs f C s ff f Cry, the beloved Country Author 11 January 1903-12 April 1988
Was a South African author and anti-apartheid activist
Personal motto: "South Africa most be saved one person at a time
Best novel: "Cry, the beloved Country
It was firts published in New york in 1948 by Charles Scribner Characters A native priest who attempts to reconstruct the desintegrating tribe and his family Stephen Kumalo John Kumalo Stephen's brother who denies the tribal validity and who becomes a spokesman for the new movement in the city; a carpenter. Theophilus Msimangu A priest from Johannesburg who helps Kumalo find his son Absalom. Absalom Kumalo Stephen's son who left home to look for Stephen's sister Gertrude, and who ends up committing a murder. Gertrude Kumalo The young sister of Stephen who becomes a prostitute in the large city and leads a dissolute life. Plot summary
Chapters 1-5 Msimangu urges Kumalo to come to the city to help his sister Gertrude, because she is ill. Kumalo goes to Johannesburg to help Gertrude and to find his son Absalom, who had gone to the city to look for Gertrude but never came home. When he gets to the city, Kumalo learns that Gertrude has taken up a life of prostitution and beer brewing, and is now drinking heavily. The novel opens in a small village in Ixopo (Ndotsheni), where the black pastor Stephen Kumalo receives a letter from the priest Theophilus Msimangu in Johannesburg. Type of hook Justice system Theme Cry, the Beloved Country is a social protest against the structures of the society that would later give rise to apartheid. Paton attempts to create an imparcial and objective view of the dichotomies this entails: he describe the Whites as affected by 'native crime', while the Blacks suffer from social instability and moral issues due to the breakdown of the tribal system.
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