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Kaylee Meyers

on 31 May 2014

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Transcript of Cr

Crawfordville: The hidden city has been revealed!
By:Kaylee Meyers
The bricks of this lighthouse was found buried near the water. This proves that in Crawfordville boating and being near the water was a way people spent their time and some probably made money as well.
Under Bridge
Remains of this bridge were found in what was once the Wakulla River. This also proves that water was very important. There was water running through the middle of the city. People probably fished there to sell and earn money or just to eat. Also it was probably used as a swimming hang out place.
Diving Platform at Wakulla Springs
Wakulla Springs was a state park in Florida. The remains of a diving platform was found their. This is just more evidence that water played a major role in the social life of Crawfordville. It is most likely something that attracted many students and young adults.
Remains of several what are suspected to be schools have been found. They all have similar structure from what we can tell. This shows with the several we have found so far that education was valued. Most of the population most likely went to school, and seems to be a highly educated place.
There have been remians off what we think is a church found. From the way it was built it looks like a church. Not far from that site another church was discovered as well. The more churches we ing the more we realize that religion was important here. We believe most of the people here were religious.
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