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Conferring With Writers

Aspen Academy

Scott McFarland

on 26 January 2014

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Transcript of Conferring With Writers

The Conferring Tree Toolkits Conferring on Meaning Conferring on Structure Goals/Production/Compliment Conference Conferring on Conventions Conventions are tools that help communicate meaning.
Students make predictable errors that show they are approximating the skills. Conferring
With Writers writers have something to say or a point to make.
creating meaning in a story influences many of the decisions a writer will make when creating a story.
pin pointing an audience and purpose allows writers to find meaning quicker. Structure refers to parts of section of a text and their roles and interrelationships within a text.
Each part of a text helps develop meaning.
A writer will decide what parts to include to convey their meaning.
A writer understands that logically placed parts bind the writing together.
Leads, transitions, and endings guide the reader toward creating meaning. Research the writer and give a compliment.
It is an easy way to pull information for a small group.
Very quick about 2 minutes. Continuing to Grow writers
through explicit teaching Conferring Facts Framework of Conferring The typical 4 Steps to conferring
Decide -Teach/Compliment
Link/Goal The teacher invites the student to analyze a text and say what they would do to make it better. Challenges
*The conferring conference is about 4-6 minutes. Using past conferring notes and rubric can help speed up conferencing.
*We must take this precious opportunity to teach something new. Knowing the spot of each writer can help with this. (note taking)
*Gradual release of responsibility (allowing for approximation)
*Using language that builds the strongest relationship Writing is the most personal and intentional experience all students will do in school. We must give each writer the opportunity to approximate under their own experience.
A writing conference is a conversation.
The point of a writing conference is to help students become better writers.
Writing conferences have a predictable structure.
In conferences, teachers and students have predictable roles.
It’s important to communicate to students in conferences that we care about them as people. Mentor Texts-student writing and childrens literature
Rubrics and anchor charts
Topic possibilities
ABC charts, word lists, checklists, and other tools
Various stages of a writing work
Teacher alerts the student on what they will see before starting.
Its not about what they write but why they write it.
All thinking is out loud for the writer in a step by step fashion.
The teacher becomes a writer and acts like they are in the moment.
Student watches so they have an image in their head of the steps.
Teacher needs to make the point explicit for the student so they can make it generalizable to their writing. Demonstration
The student has seen the strategy before.
Describe the skill but do not participate in writing.
Try to remind them of exactly where the skill was taught.
Ask the writer to try doing it. Example and Explanation -
Teacher names strategy and asks the reader to try it.
Strategy was previously taught in conference or whole group.
Generalizable to writing genre not specific to that instance and spot.
Writer attempts new skill
Give tips and hints but maintain authors identity.
Guide for independence Guided Practice /Coaching
While conferring with writers have access and comfort using a number of different approaches while understanding the benefits to each approach.

To develop a deeper understanding about young writers and the personal choices they have to make. "Teaching outside the writing"

To build upon a foundation of determining what to teach and how to teach while conferring. Goal Goal Goal Conferring on Detail/Voice Review Schedule
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4 The Different Kind of Conferring Approaches Inquiry What do we confer on? Writers make purposeful choices for words.
Details illuminate the meaning of the text.
Words carry voice and writers pick words that speak through themselves.
The timing of details and voice pull readers into text. Conferring On Production and Goals Is the writer setting personal goals?
How do they feel as a writer?
Are we working to our potential?
What do they feel good about?
Be ready to teach something new.
Some students need examples of these. Team jigsaws
and Individual
conferring will lead us back to the roots and purpose by cultivating rigor, nurturing inquiry and developing intimacy.
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