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The Human Genome Project

No description

Mike Rodriguez Macias

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of The Human Genome Project

-A five-year plan for Human Genome Project is published
-The Division of Intramural Research within the NCHGR is established.
-Francis S. Collins became the director of NCHGR.
-Human DNA sequencing begins with pilot studies at six universities in USA.
New plan to finish the human DNA sequence by 2003.
The Human Genome Project

-The Council for Human Genome Research meets for the first time in Bethesda, Maryland.
-James Watson resigns as Director of the Human Genome Project and Michael Gottesman takes his place.
"Starting the project"
-The National center for Human Genome Research is created and assigned the HGP.
First meeting about sequencing the human genome
-NIH director James
Wyngaarden organized a meeting to elaborate a plan for HGP.
-The office for Human Genome Research is created within NIH.
-James Watson is named the first director of the project.

-A memorandum is signed with the Department of Energy for further coordination.

-The National Advisory Council for Human Genome R.
is established and project officially begins.
-Human genetic mapping goal achieved one year ahead of schedule.
-NCHGR celebrates its 5th anniversary.
-The Task Force on Genetic Testing is established as a subgroup of NCHGR.
HGP plans to generate a working draft in 2001.

NIH and DOE develop a new 5-years plan for HGP.
-NCHGR gets a new name and status: The National Human Genome Research.
-A government-citizen suggests policies against genetic discrimination in the workplace.
-The gene that causes Pendred Syndrome is identified.
-Unravel genetic code of chromosome 21.
-Completion of 85% of human genome sequence.
-HGP receive American Society of Human Genetics Allan Award.

-The DNA sequence of the fisrt eukaryotic genome was completed(Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
-The Center for Inherited Disease Research
New centers of excellence in Genomic science were opened.

NHGRI Policy and Legislative database was released

DOE publishes its scientific description of the human

Many genomes of different animals were sequenced, from simple to complex life.
There are only 30000 to 40000 in the human DNA.
-NHGRI and HGP unravel genetic code of an entire human chromosome.
NHGRI office of ethics is established.

Humans and chimpanzees share 96% of their DNA structure

-NHGRI, DOE and Wellcome Trust deposit 1 billion base pairs of human genome DNA sequence.
NHGRI lauchs "International HapMap Project".
Genes relates to common illness.
-Completion of the human genome sequence.
-NHGRI announces "ENCODE Project".
Carolina L. Carrasco
Gerardo A. Inzunza
Miguel A. Rodríguez
Carla D. Cárdenas
Jorge Dionisio García

National Human Genome Research
Institute. (2013, July 3). About
NHGRI: A Brief History and Timeline. Retrieved August 16, 2014, from http://www.genome.gov/100011763
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