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Doctoring 201

August 2011

Lisa Weiss

on 7 May 2017

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Transcript of Doctoring 201

Doctoring201 The Longitudinal Curriculum
continues.... The really important people: Academic Services: Laurie Zupp (PACE/ROD)
Ellen Wagner (PDL)
LuAnne Stockon (Seminar) Interviews with Seminars Physical Diagnosis Lab PACE with Synthesis ROD What's Different? Lectures on Bioethics and more PDAT/Professional Identity Development You!! You have matured
You have learned
And we expect more of you! Interview and Seminar Physical Diagnosis Lab PACE and PACE Synthesis Lectures ROD PDAT Patient Care Professionalism Physician Identity Primary Care Be Prepared Be Respectful Be ON Time small groups
online modules PDL
proficencies 1/2 day with preceptor twice
Health literacy focus
PACE synthesis and write up PDAT time with advisor bioethics
health literacy
EBM applications ROD groups
ROD assignments
Films Your Grade there are none MC Exams PDAT assignments Read your assignments ahead of time
Do your assignments on time
Have questions ready for PDL, seminar, PACE, ROD, PDAT know Where you are supposed to be
know When you are supposed to be there
know What you are supposed to wear You are PreProfessionals!!
You are in clinical sites with patients and employees
You are are working with folks outside campus MUCH more
REPRESENT YOURSELVES WELL!! see AIMS for details “© 2011 Hugh Kretschmer for Newsweek” Attendance is MANDATORY for most of Doctoring Something to think about..... Does an 80 year old who had a normal colonoscopy 8 years ago need another? Does a 17 year old sexually active female need a pap smear? Does a 50 year male with no abnormal medical history need an ECG? Where can you find this information?
and how do you know if it is evidence-based? The Components The Themes What to Expect this year?? Does a 60 year old black male need PSA testing? No No No Recommendations just changed this year Depends on the guidelines you choose to follow Syllabus
Student handbook
Book Requirements Impress EVERYONE with your conduct Today's Goals: Introduce folks
Define content areas
Define expectations
Explain grading Pass Pass all components First PACE synthesis: Week of Oct 29th ROD PACE and Synthesis Seminar PDL Prof ID Dev Do your write-ups timely and completely
Come prepared to ROD Be an active participant at PACE
Follow the PACE synthesis directions
Be timely Be an active participant
Be considerate and thoughtful about your write-ups
Be timely
Work to improve your patient interviewing skills Come prepared
Read Bates
Pass your quizzes
Pass your proficiencies Primary literature
guidelines Participate fully
Be timely with assignments Syllabus lays out what is and is not mandatory
Check your Tues/Thursday schedule
No streaming video and have fun! This is the "real"
doctor stuff! This is why you went to
Med school!! Our next lecture will let you know! M2 PACE... M2 PACE takes you beyond PPICONS
We will provide you with a checklist to evaluate guidelines (see AIMS)
So you have options in terms of the clinical questions that you ask.
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