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The Dancing Pancake

strange title right??

Christina Christie

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of The Dancing Pancake

fast summary Bindi is an 11 year old girl who finds out her parents were separated. Her mother knew she had to find another job, so she and her sister (aunt Darnell) opened a new restaurant named the Dancing Pancake. They met lots of people who usually came to the restaurant. There was Grace, she was homeless but really nice. Also there was Mrs. Otis, she was really picky, disrespectful, 2 month later, Bindi's father came back. She was still a little angry because her father left her and her mom, but a few days later she forgave him and her mom and dad get back together. Everything turned out perfect in the end after all. Characters mentioned in the story Book Report #2 !!!!! Bindi - the main character / an 11 year old girl

Bindi's mom - the main character's mom

Bindi's dad - the main character's dad

Jackson - Bindi's little cousin( he is cute and annoying) He wants to raise money to buy a castle.

Mengan and Kyra - Bindi's friends

Grace - she's homeless but she's really nice. She comes to the dancing pancake everyday.

Mrs. Otis - A VERY picky woman who is always disappointed about everything!!!!!!!!

Albert - Bindi's friend. He loves insects and bugs.

Aunt Darnell - Opened the retuarant with Bindi's mom. Also Jackson's mom

Ruby Francis - Hired as a waitress in the restaurant also Bindi's friend.

Thet - Hired as a dishwasher in the restaurant also Bindi's friend The Book I Read was called written by
Eileen Spinelli Settings in the story 1. In the restaurant
2. In Bindi's new home
3. In the park
4. The zoo Christina's
Report The
Pancake Done On Hope
:) Thx for
!!!! About The Main Character
Bindi!!!!! Bindi is a girl with brown short hair. She is 11 years old and lives with her mom and used to live with her dad. She loves reading and she's a friendly girl. During the problem of the story, Bindi was worried and confused. There was a part in the story where Bindi was too worried about her situation that she forgot all about her friends. She finds out her friends has some situations of their own too. Point Of View This story is from an innocent eye point of view which means the person telling the story is a child (Bindi). The whole story is about her point of view and how she thinks about certain people and problems. For example it said in the book “I tell her about my visit with Grace”, the I in the sentence is said by Bindi. She is the one talking about her visit.
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