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Positively Reading: Tutor/Mentor Training Version

Teaching ways to successfully do Academic Reading with a positive attitude.

Jared Pangier

on 19 February 2011

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Transcript of Positively Reading: Tutor/Mentor Training Version

Positively Reading
Make connections
Step 1: Get Pumped Up!!!
Step 2: Imagine YOU are the professor.
Step 3: Read one passage.
Remember, you are the professor.
Step 4: Think of one question.
Step 5: Highlight the answer.
Step 6: think of another question (If needed).
Step 7: Highlight the next answer.
Step 8: No more questions? Read the next passage.
Repeat until you finish the text.
Tell me the steps--Step 1-8.
Step 9: List 3 main points from the text in own words
Step 10: Organize your Notes:
Make a Graphic Organizer.
e.g. a concept map.
Good Job!
10 Steps with Jared
Got Learning?
Reading the Smart Way
Got ELL?
What the research says:
“Good instruction for students in general tends to be good instruction for ELLs in particular”
(from: Teaching English Language Learners: What the Research Does—And Does Not Say by C. Goldenberg (2008)
Is Great to do
For ELL Students
Great Concept Mapping Program!
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