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Internet@Schools 2011

Get Crazy with Libguides

Jeffrey Marzluft

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Internet@Schools 2011

Independent Boarding School Oliver Wendell Holmes Library = OWHL Open 84 hours a week

≈ 100,000 volumes

Over 100 specialized e-resources

Serves academic and nonacademic purposes Library Instruction Program

No departmental or disciplinary mandates

No requirements or courses for information literacy

Instructional Services Team = 5 FT & 2 PT

Librarians are liaisons to academic departments

Library relationships with HIST, ENGL, BIO Learning Tool and Teaching Tool

Consistent approach to the research process

Research benchmarks

Emphasis on conceptual over concrete learning

Confidence-building for all learners Libguides = OWHLGuides

* Purchased summer 2009

* Consistent learning experience
Common boxes
Consistent order of tabs In the Trenches

Successive one-shot sessions = History

One lesson-many teachers = Engl/Econ

Non-research-based classes = World Languages

Community guides = E-Books 101 Our Community

* 200 faculty members
* 1100 high-achieving students
75% boarding
25% day

"Youth from every quarter"
Roughly 50% are on financial aid
10% are on full scholarship Liaison Areas

Cultural Studies -- Beth Tompkins

Economics/Sciences -- Jeffrey Marzluft

English/Classics -- Kathrine Aydelott

Fine and Dramatic Arts -- Elisabeth Tully

History -- Sara Ciaburri

Psychology/Social Sciences -- Stephanie Aude

World Languages -- Sharon Pei Results

77% of students found OWHLGuides "useful" or "very useful" in a recent student survey

150 library instruction classes per year (approx. 150 days in school year!)

1600 "individual research consultations" (reference questions) per year

Better, more focused questions Links & Credits

* Link to PA OWHLGuides:

* Link to OWHL:

* Library photos by OWHL director and staff
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