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The Design Cycle: Reusable Shopping Bags

Grade 6 students used the Design Cycle to make reusable shopping bags in my MYP Techynology class.

Ben C

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of The Design Cycle: Reusable Shopping Bags

Adventures in Design In my grade 6 class this year,
we used the Design Cycle to
help us make our own reusable
shopping bags. Here's a story about a group
of grade 6 students learning
about the Design Cycle through
a rich task. Technology projects usually
are a response to a problem. In this case, we looked at the impact of so many people using disposible
plastic bags. So the students decided that
a solution was for them to make their own reusable bags. Step 1: Investigate Step 2: Design Step 3: Plan Step 4: Create Step 5: Evaluate Students investigated
existing designs to
see what others have done. They looked at different materials They looked at construction techniques They looked at various features shapes and sizes and finally wrote a Design Brief that outlined... what sort of bag they would make and who the bag was for, We did some brainstorming to see
what we already knew. One student wrote:
"I will design and make a reusable lunch bag for pre-teen and teenaged girls. It will be large enough and strong enough to carry two full lunch boxes [i.e. Tupperware]. It should be stylish enough to be used occasionally as a handbag." and made a list of
Design Specifications. examples:
"it must be waterproof"
"it must hold up to 3kg"
"it must be machine washable" In the Design phase, students sketched and
developed a number of design possibilities. examined the pros and cons
of each, and settled on a final design. They built a scale model
in paper. In the Plan phase, students made
a full scale model that would be
their pattern. They assembled their materials, and practised their stitching. In the Create phase, students
constructed their bags according
to their plans. Finally, students had to evaluate
their bags to see if they fulfilled the requirements
in the Design Brief. example:
This bag can hold 5kg. Some students did surveys to find out
what sort of bag people wanted. They would use recycled materials
whenever possible. And that's the story of how
my grade 6 class used the
Design Cycle to create their
own reusable bags. Thanks for watching! Visit teacherben.com
for more technology
in the classroom. The project was so successful
that many of the students are
still using their bags today!
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