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Copy of Animal cell compared to a city

Moni, Rachie and Emile are AWSOME people

Kimberly Moreno

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Animal cell compared to a city

Welcome to the CITY OF The Cell Village This is an animal cell.. The border patrols dont let certain people in and out of of the city while the cell membrane patrols what goes in and out of the animal cell. Because.. Golgi Body Because... IS LIKE The desitions that are made in the city are made from the major while in the nucleaus in the animal cell controls what is done. Mail Office All the mail from the city gets there and is then delivered to where it belongs, like the Golgi Body distrubutes proteins through the cell. Because... The Because.. Cell membrane A ware house stores food and other material for the city like food, water and other material, and the vacule stores food,water and wastes for the cell. Because... Border patrol A farm provides food for the people in the city, while the ribosome prouduces proteins for the cell. Because... The factory prouduces energy by burning fuels, while the Mitochondria creates energy for the cell. Because... Nucleus In the city highways peoeple trasport in cars from one place to another while in the Endoplasm Reticulum carries materials from one part of the cell to another. Because... mayor's office The dump breakes down the wasted food and stores them while the Lysosome breakes down the extra food. Because... Vacule Warehouse Ribosome Farm Mitochondria Factory Endoplasmic Reticulum Highway Lysosome Dump Thank you for Visiting!
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