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Cristina Comaniciu

on 1 September 2015

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The Teacher Training Centre is a leading provider of in-service training and professional development for teaching professionals in Romania and is based in Alba Iulia. The overall goal of the centre is to contribute to permanent improvement in teaching and learning and adapting teacher training methodologies to meet the needs of students within Schools.

Main terms of organizing the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for teachers, management staff of school education
a) methodological, scientific and psycho-pedagogical activities made at the school level or group of units or departments, methodological commissions and pedagogical meetings;
b) methodical-scientific communication sessions, symposiums, educational exchanges and partnerships on subjects and psycho-pedagogical;
c) periodical stages specialized to scientific information and science education;
d) courses organized by scientific societies and professional organizations of teachers;
e) training courses to specialized training, methodological and pedagogical;
f) training to acquire new skills and new role / position, according to specific training standards;
g) training courses for teaching degrees exams;
h) training and development courses for management, guidance and control, according to specific programs;
i) training scholarships and study and documentation stages accomplished in the country and abroad;
j) postgraduate specialization courses;
k) studies of master;
l) graduate programs;
m) doctoral studies;
n) the acquisition of new teaching specializations, different specialty / specialties

Main ways to realize Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for teachers
a) programs and activities to improve scientific training, pedagogical and didactic
b) training programs in the areas of leadership, guidance and evaluation of education;
c) training and exams for obtaining didactic degrees II and I;
d) professional conversion programs;
e) the appropriate degree of specialization of another license area.

What are in-service training programs and their aims?
In-service training program is a educational offer of a provider, which aims to training and developing professional skills of the teaching staff and auxiliary teaching staff and management staff in pre-universitary education in accordance with professional standards for the teaching profession, quality standards and professional competence.
Alba Teachers Training Center aims
- to train teachers through training programs, in order to increase their ability to: design and implementation of competence-based curriculum, classroom management, interactive teaching and learning, interdisciplinary curriculum integration, management quality of work, developing additional curriculum, the use of computerized information techniques in order to develop inclusive digital skills and increase competitiveness and obtaining performance in education and student learning.
Institutions, organizations and structures that are part of the national system through
which the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for teacher in preuniversity education
a) The Ministry of Education and Scientific Research;
b) the county school inspectorates;
c) Institute of Sciences Education;
d) accredited higher education institutions, training centers / training of teaching staff in preuniversity education;
e) teacher training centers in counties and in Bucharest;
f) school units - training centers / training authorized by the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research;
g) National Children's Palace, palaces and children's clubs;
h) training centers certificates in minority languages;
i) organizations, associations, federations who manage the establishment of educational alternatives at national and achieved improvement / training of teachers who teach in groups or classes of educational alternatives;
j) foundations, associations and non-governmental organizations or government offers programs authorized under the law;
k) organizational structures / institutional ability to implement programs to which Romania is a party or international funding programs that contain a training component;
l) other public and private providers of education and training, licensed / accredited law.

Features for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in Romania
- CPD is both a duty and a prerequisite for career advancement and salary increases.
- the intensity of participation is well above the EU average: Average number of days covered by professional development activities (24) and average number of topics (7)
- operate a system of points or credits obtainable through involvement in certified professional development activities provided by authorised institutions
- requires every teacher to accumulate at least 90 national professional credits every five years.

Different types of professional development activities
In-service training courses in business premises, public organisations, non-governmental organisations
Observation visits to other schools
Qualification programmes
Mentoring and/or peer observation and coaching, as part of a formal school arrangement
Participation in a network of teachers formed specifically for the professional development of teachers
Education conferences or seminars
Individual or collaborative research on a topic of interest to you professionally

Topics adressed
Approaches to developing cross-occupational competencies for future work or future studies
School management and administration
Teaching in a multicultural or multilingual setting
Student career guidance and counselling
Teaching students with special needs
Teaching cross-curricular skills
Student behaviour and classroom management
New technologies in the workplace
Approaches to individualised learning
Knowledge of the curriculum
Student evaluation and assessment practice
ICT (information and communication technology) skills for teaching
Pedagogical competencies in teaching my subject field(s)
Knowledge and understanding of my subject field(s)
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