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The Evolution Of the Sniper Rifle

No description

jake big ol john

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of The Evolution Of the Sniper Rifle

The Evolution of
the Sniper Rifle 1848-Sharps Rifle (American) Effective Range-500 YR (457M) Caliber: 45-70 Effective Range-1000 YR
(910M) 1892-Mosin Nagant(Russian) Action-Single Shot Caliber: 7.62x54Rmm Action: Bolt 1943-Gewehr 43(German) Caliber: 7.92mm Effective Range-870 YR(800M) Action: Semi Automatic 1969-M40A1(American) Caliber: 7.62mmNATO Effective Range-1000 YR(910M) Action: Bolt Velocity-2580FPS Velocity-1330FPS Velocity-2800FPS Velocity-2493FPS 1989-Barret M82A1(American) Caliber: .50BMG Effective Range- 1969 YR (1800M) Velocity- 2800FPS Action- Semi Automatic 1996-M40A3(American) Caliber: 7.62mmNATO Effective Range-1000 YR(9OOM) Action- Bolt 2000-Mcmillan Tac 50(American) Caliber: .50BMG Effective Range-1969 YR Velocity-2800FPS Action- Bolt
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