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Copy of Disneyland Resort Paris

No description

Richard Jacob

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Disneyland Resort Paris

Thank You
School Mobile number

Mr R Jacob HoF Computing and Business Studies
Mr Scott - 2nd Incharge Languages
Miss Smerald - Languages

The rest
Mr Scott - 2nd Incharge Languages
Miss Smerald - Languages
Mr Jacob - HoF Computing & Business
3. Pack appropriate / sensible / comfortable clothing
4. Sleeping arrangements already made by students
Check-in bags
Breakfast at the Earl of Sandwich
Explore the park 10:00am
*Students will follow a plan around The Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios on both days
WiFi access available in the lobby
Disney boutique
Video games arcade (surcharge)
2 / 3 sharing a room

Hang up your Stetson and spurs for the night in one of the Western-themed rooms at
Disney's Hotel Cheyenne®.
2. Pack light snacks including box drinks, water / flap jacks, etc

1. Weather - expected around 9°C

Summary of Day 1 Sunday 2nd

22:15 - Students arrive at Grey Court
22:30 - Coach Arrives at Grey Court
22:45 - Depart GC for Dover
02:25 - Depart Dover for Calais
04:55 - Arrive in Calais
10:00 - Arrive at the Hotel Cheyenne

Breakfast at hotel Cheyenne - Time 7:00am
ICT Live! Conference at the Gaumont cinema in the Disney Village - 08:30-12:30
Rest of the day - Walt Disney Studios
Computing and Languages related tasks
Lunch at Disneyland® Paris (set menu) TBD
Evening Meal - 19:00 Planet Hollywood

Computer Science Trip to Paris
1st March - 4th March
Hotel Cheyenne, Disneyland Resort Paris
BP115, 77777 Marne-la-Vallee cedex 4,
Tel: 00 33 1 60 45 62 00

Check-in bags
Breakfast at the Earl of Sandwich 10:00am
Tour the Disneyland Park
Computing and Languages related tasks
Lunch at Disneyland® Paris (set menu) TBD
Tour the Disneyland Park
Evening Meal - 17:30 @ Billybobs
Summary of Day 2 Monday 3rd
Summary of Day 3 Tuesday 4th
Breakfast at hotel Cheyenne - 7:00am

08:40 - Depart Hotel Cheyenne for Calais

14:10 - Depart Calais for Dover

17:15 Approx Arrive at Grey Court

School and make your own way home.

• ICT Live! is an educational focused conference consisting of several speaker sessions.

• The interactive presentations allow students to discuss topics, such as Current and emerging technologies, the Effects of ICT on the Society, How Organisations Use and Exchange information and Innovation & Enterprise

• ICT Live! Ensures this trip has a real educational focus. It gives students an opportunity to understand how technology has developed and how we are developing with it and the jobs that are available within the ICT industry.

• With high calibre live speakers, students are encouraged to interact and ask questions during the Q & A session.

5. Pack water proofs

6. Sandwich approx €5:50 Coke €3:00

7. Travel Pillows, sleep masks, noise blockers
8. Ensure mobile data roaming is switched off
9. Luggage - Small suitcase and backpack
10. European Health Insurance Card
11. Currency - Euros €20 - €30
12. Electrical goods at own risk
01992 512870
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