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Southeast Region

This is all about the Southeast Region. Information and other resources that are used in this region.

Chloe Dela Cruz

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Southeast Region

The Southeast Region

Intro to the Southeast Region
There are 14 states in this region.
The states in the southeast region are:
Florida Virginia
Louisiana South Carolina
Mississippi Maryland
Alabama Delaware
Kentucky North Carolina
West Virginia
The southeast is one of America's beautiful regions. This region produces a lot of mining. the southeast region is home to the oldest permanent settlement. It has endangered species, the largest known cave system, and the biggest granite sculpture carved on a mountain.
Natural Resources
There are many natural resources in the southeast region. Some of its natural resources include sulfur, salt, coal, shellfish, oil, cotton, fruit, and seafood.

There are many types of animals living in the southeast. There are a lot, but the ones that we know of are deer, bobcats, squirrels, birds, snakes, amphibians, opossums, racoons, bears, foxes, coyotes, and red wolves.
High temperatures usually range around the upper 80s and the lower 90s. Polar fronts can dip down as far south as Florida and bring freezing temperatures to nearly all the Southeast; however, extreme cold air outbreaks where temperatures dip down below 0 degrees F are very rare. Extreme cold air outbreaks where temperatures dip down below 0 degrees F are very rare, even in places like Virginia and North Carolina.
Landscapes and Landforms
Some of the southeat region's landscapes and landforms include the Atlantic Coastal Plain, Appalachian Mountains, and Piedmont. Some other ones are the Mississippi River and as for islands, they have the world-famous Florida Keys! The types of food that grows there are cotton, wheat, strawberries, corn, tomatoes and many, many others. Believe it or not, this region has every type of soil.
By: Javier, Zuriel, Chloe,
Joshua, and Fernando
Types of pollution in the Region
People are throwing their junk all over the place! Sadly, pollution is happening in this region. Some examples of pollution in the southeast involve land, air, and ocean pollution.
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