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Z Card

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Carbon that has been oxidized
So what is it?
Activated Charcoal
selectively drains out toxins
teeth whitener
treats poisons
lowers cholesterol
prevents hangovers
purification for municipal water
reduced emissions in cars
catalyst carriers
purifies food and most chemicals to maintain purity standards
how is it used?
The most common way it is created is by oxidizing charcoal which creates a very porous charcoal. The tiny holes it creates allows liquids and gasses to pass through and react with the carbon(charcoal). This then allows the carbon to absorb the impurities and produces clean and clear substances.
how does it work?
Still doubt me?
watch this video
activated coal
activated carbon
carbo activatus ( if you want to get really fancy and use the Latin word for it)
Other names for it
Not all Activated Charcoal is created equal. The more surface area that it has the more effective that it usually is.
please note that this is a sort of advertisement comparing two different types
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