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Cut the power, cut the profit

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Tatyanna Alvarez

on 21 December 2017

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Transcript of Cut the power, cut the profit

We support the idea that spending a lot of money during the holidays to pay for Christmas ornements is a money loss. We think these type of people should know how many money they could save when then put the light off only during the night.
Do you leave the light on all night?

While the holidays, the american's home spend almost 60$ in plus for their electricity bill. This consummation is caused by Christmas ornements.
Our personal opinion
We suggest to you to look outside during the night to look how many homes keep their lights on and even yours.
Advice to avoid the spending madness
You could use a timer who control the on/off of the light (when you're not at home or going to the bed.
Use LED light who consume very less than others.
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Volountary simplicity
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