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Classroom Rules

No description

Charlotte Toland

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Classroom Rules

Behavior Exceptions
Fun stuff
1.You can bring a water bottle,
as long s it has a spout on top.
2.Class parties
We have 2 holiday parties,Halloween and the on Valentine's day.It will start at 2:45.Parents are more then welcome. Parent Involvement
Reading with them at home.
Helping go over math facts.
Also help with stuffing Friday folders,as well as helping out with the classroom parties. Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Ready to learn
The students are expected to follow the the ruls in all areas of the school.
Students are given opportunities to correct their behavior prior to be given a write up in the behavior folder.
redirection my include going to a partner classroom to refocus. The behavior folder is graded each week. parent signatures in the folder is required weekly as well.
Meet Miss Charlotte 8:25 Students will enter the classroom
8:30 Announcements, math.
9:45 Reading: shared reading,word work, whole class lessons
10:20 Spechials
11:05 Lunch/Recess
11:45 Writing
3:00 Wrap-up,Closing
3:15 Dismissal. Home Work
1.Read every day for 30 min
2.Reading Summaries are due every Friday.
3.Math facts to use them fluently 10 min every night.
4.Writiing assignment are given weekly,this should only take 20min to complete.
5.Planners needs to be reviewed and signed, and returned the next day.
6. Friday Folders as well as behavior Folders, will be sent home each Friday,Please review the work,please remove pappers, and send the folders, sign in the appropriate spot, and return on Monday... First Behavior Expectations Sit out of a fifteen minute fun activity
Student will write a letter to parent. Parent will sign letter and return it back to school the next day. Second weekly write up Third Weekly Write up Teacher will contact parent via phone,Email
or in personal vist and collorate on wats to assist te student. Fourth Weekly Write up The student will referred to the princable.
a conference my be required. Outher consequences may be considered. Classroom Rules/Expectations
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