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SBAR Communication

This simple tool helps to improve communication among health care professionals

Mani Krishnan

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of SBAR Communication

Dr M S Krishnan SBAR COMMUNICATION What is SBAR Background Assessment Benefits Recommendation Situation History Situation
Recommendation It was originally used by US Navy for critical communication
It’s a structured way to communicate between clinician and where ever effective communication is crucial in patient care and safety
The tool has clear prompts to provide clear, concise and focused information Identify yourself the site/unit you are calling from
Identify the patient by name and the reason for your report
Describe your concern
Firstly, describe the specific situation about which you are calling, including the patient's name, consultant, patient location, resuscitation status, and vital signs.
For example:
  Give the patient's reason for admission
Explain significant medical history
Overview of the patient's background: admitting diagnosis, date of admission, prior procedures, current medications, allergies, pertinent laboratory results and other relevant diagnostic results. For this, you need to have collected information from the patient's chart, flow sheets and progress notes Vital signs
Clinical impressions, concerns
For example:

  Explain what you need - be specific about request and time frame
Make suggestions
Clarify expectations
Finally, what is your recommendation? That is, what would you like to happen by the end of the conversation with the physician? Any order that is given on the phone needs to be repeated back to ensure accuracy. Several sites
Multiple interfaces
Several forms of communication
Inconsistency in communication
Hand over has been an on going issue for a long time How is relevant to our trust Hand over among on call doctor – doctor
Call between Nurse- doctor
Supervision between on call doctors
Communication between clinician – manager
Community staff – community staff
Our clinicians – acute hospitals
To escalate any concerns Where this can be used Easy to remember
Quickly clarify the relevant information for communication
Clear prompts
Concludes with point of action/recommendation Why this tool Consistency
Reduces complex communication
No need of extensive training @psychinformatic Thank You
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