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Masafi Marketing Audit Presentation

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on 14 March 2012

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Transcript of Masafi Marketing Audit Presentation

Masafi Marketing Audit Done by : Recommendations:
Masafi should have more extensive research in terms of product FMCG expansion domestically and globally before making any decisions and actions ( fast product expansion)

Masafi is doing well domestically in marketing terms, so masafi should focus on global marketing campaigns that emphasize the culture of each market they are entering

Masafis CSR strategy should also be communicated globally , so masafi’s environmental intiatives can be practiced with global partners. Conclusion

Masafis truly had established itself as a strong pioneer and leader as an FMCG company through the years, both domestically and globally, they were well dedicated to their
Company’s mission
Market strategy
Product innovation
Corporate social responsibility to the environment

Masafi is a solid example of best practices and quality conformance company in the UAE and the world. Thank you! Masafis Journey into becoming a full operation FMCG organization 2006-2011 Marketing Mix 4ps Quality Assurance
Food safety program
customers complaints
Internal auditing
Customer surveys
Assessment of suppliers and distributers
Awards and Certificates
National Sanitation Foundation
International Bottle Water Association
Quasi Product Variety 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Design and Packaging Mineral water
-Poly Ethylene Terephthalete
-microbiologically wholesome
-no additives
-manufactured with 23 per cent reduced plastic
-hot-fill technology
Gourmet Chips
-Thermal Air Process
-No harmful chemicals or bleach Product Size Price FMCG
Premium quality
Value based
Typical prices – water , juices, tissues
Gourmet- higher priced
Basmati Promotion Sales Promotion Distribution Channels Market coverage
Transport (Direct selling) Domestic Channels Product facilitation infrastructure Selling water dispensers (home delivery ) Corporate Social Responsibility “Offer gratifying premium natural products, in socially responsible sustainable manner”
Partnership agreements with Imdad (Dubai World), Dubai police, healthcare city, DED, Ernest & young Outline:
1. Introduction to the Organization 2. Situation Analysis
3. Marketing strategy
4. Marketing mix
5. Conclusion
6. References Introduction
Masafi is one of the largest producers of mineral water in the Gulf region formed in 1976 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It has been the leader in its field for around 30 years, supplying not just natural mineral water, but offers a range of products in the region.
•Masafi water is natural mineral water from mountains in Ras Al Khaima
•Was able to infiltrated regional markets with a startup capital of approximately $ 5.5 million
•Masafi’s revenues were estimated at $ 40.2 million in 2007
•Masafi juice is one of the top ten UAE juice brands Situation Analysis:
a) Market Philosophy
b) SWOT Analysis
c) Competition
d) Product Offering
e) Keys to success & Issues Situation Analysis:
•Exports 30% of its products abroad (GCC, African, Asian, and European countries)
•Started up with a capital of 5.5 Million dollars
•Categorized as an FMCG
•Masafi is stocked in around 95% of all retail outlets in the UAE •Holds 41% of the UAE’s supermarket juice business.
•Over the last four years, raised its exports business by 205%
•Socially responsible company having cooperate responsibility towards the environment A) Market Philosophy
o Masafi targets all types of demographics and age groups
o Fast consumer goods products aimed for daily usage
o Children’s items. (e.g. water, and tissues)
o Stocks over 90% of retails in the UAE
o Exports 30% of its products to a total of 56 countries
(e.g. Oman,Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, the UK and Japan)
o Launches its products based on market trends and wants SWOT
Analysis Strengths
• A well established brand in the UAE and GCC region
• Exporting around 30-40% of its products abroad
• Having 42% of the market share of bottled water in the UAE
• Successfully established itself as a complete FMCG company Weaknesses
• It is not the preferred water brands in Abu Dhabi region and Al Ain
• It still does not have that much of a wide selection when it comes to food stuff
• The idea associated with the brand: known as a natural mineral water producer and supplier not other products. Opportunities
• Masafi could expand the product range to meet market demands
• Looking into strategic partnerships with other companies that fall along the lines of Masafi’s Business strategy
• Sponsorship may improve customer awareness and exposure Threats
• Endless competition from other water, juice and tissue companies
• The fixed market price of water and all products lines
• Masafi may face in the future bad publicity from poor output Zainab Noor Aysha D) Product Offering

Mineral water of different sizes (4 gallon 1.5L, 1L, 500ml, 330ml, 200ml and 100ml.
Gourmet potato chips labeled “healthy”. (Sea Salt, Sweet Chilli, Four Cheese and Labneh and Zaatar) Facial tissues:
•Regular tissues in different colors and scents (white, red, purple and green)
•Boutique fragrant tissues (Oud, lavender and rose)
•children’s range of tissues
•car tissue Masafi Juice line in 14 flavors with the use of ‘hot fill’ technology:(e.g. Mellow Melon, pink grapefruit, carrot, orange, lemons, tropical mix, pineapple and cranberry juice)
Flavored Natural Mineral water available (lemon, peach, strawberry and mint with lemon).
The recent addition: the premium basmati rice E)Keys to Success & Issues
•Masafi ensures products are accredited and tested by key regulatory organizations. (e.g. the International Bottled Water Association & Asia Bottled Water Association).
•Masafi created new eco-friendly water bottles
•Have a strong R&D Department
•Competition with Al Ain Water and other FMCG companies
•Other FMCG companies’ competition References
Field, R. (2006). Masafi Launches Juice To Expand Gulf Presence.Arabian Business.Com. Retrieved from,
Kammoun, G, &Badiuzzaman, N. (2008). Masafi To Sponsor Dubai Tennis Championship.Zawya. Retrieved from,
Landais, E. (2011) New Masafi Water Bottles More Eco-Friendly. Gulf News Newspaper [Online] Retrived from,
Masafi Records $ 40 m Revenues. (2007) Trade Arabia: Business News Information. Retrieved from,
Masafi Q3. (2011). United Arab Emirates Food & Drink Report. AllBusiness. Retrieved from,
Masafi. (2011). Directory Listing. African Business Database. Retrieved from,
Sambidge, A. (2009). Thousands of Masafi Bottles Recalled from Shop .Arabian, Retrieved from In the other products’ range: ? + = 3 4 2 5 6 7 8 9 10 Marketing strategy:
A. Mission Statemen
B. Marketing Objectives
C. Value Proposition
D. Target Markets
E. Positioning Strategy
F. Strategy Summary Mission statement
“It is Masafi’s constant endeavor to provide premium quality products through continuous innovation, and strengthen its leadership in the FMCG sector” Marketing Objectives Value proposition Target Markets Positioning Strategy Strategy Summary Any Questions? C) Main Local Competition Main Global Competition As through the interview with Mr. Rebello, the marketing objectives of masafi can be determined as :

1- Raising awareness of masafi’s product quality and CSR initiatives.
2- Emphasizing on expanding their product range and be a complete FMCG.
3- Accessing new global markets.
4- Focusing on communicating their product innovation. Masafi has four different target markets 1.Children 2.Product Value 3.Active and healthy lifestyle segment 4.Sophisticated lifestyle Masafi position itself in the price-sensitive market
top quality product provider and innovator
Mr. Rebello says “Masafi makes a conscious effort to source all its raw materials from within the UAE as far as feasible, rather than importing it, thus reducing its carbon footprint.”
world-class offering, driven sales efforts, and innovative campaign,” Masafi uses all means of communication to reach its target audience:
producing billboard ads
trucks ads
neckties for water bottles
fridge magnets
display tent cards
ads on chillers
vending machines
and creative displays such as a bus display for kids packs and more.
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