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on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Cardiologists

Cardiologists do many surgeries,they have to study over 10yrs or more in order for specialize training. That could be take a long time!
Cardiologists get paid about 500,000,400,000, and 300,000 a month!!(Depending the area you work in)
Do you know how much that is in a year?
Life Saver
If the person that is having the surgery done dies,and does not get saved,the doctor will lose his/hers license.);
Video of cardiologist
Fun Facts
By: Dariana.A. Joseline.G. Guadalupe.R. Edgard.H. ,and Natalie.S.
At school you need to get good
grades in order to get to university
and college. Also have to have a really good behavior.
the classes you have to take are math,
health, and biology because you are going to need those three subjects when you become an official cardiologists.
what classes to go to?
Thank you for your time!

did you know that...
Cited Page
The heart pumps 2,000 gallons a day!
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