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KNS Main Street Presentation

No description

Alison Lubin

on 8 April 2016

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Transcript of KNS Main Street Presentation

Office of the Arts
State Historic
Preservation Office

Arts Team
Lu Rivera
Grants Administration
Tamara Dimitri
Public Art
Rhonda Olisky
Special Projects
Bonnie Koba
Arts in Education
Since 1965, the Office of the Arts has developed and strengthened the arts in Connecticut with the goal of making artistic expression widely available to residents and visitors.
Arts Day
Day-long celebration of the arts and culture
at the State Capitol in Hartford, CT
Arts Learning Grants
Arts Learning grants support the planning and implementation of
arts in education projects
that advance teaching and learning for birth to Grade 12.
Supporting Arts in Place
Provides funding to arts organizations & municipal art departments.
Provides general operating support
All eligible applicants receive funding
Funding amounts based on mathematical formula

Grant amounts ranged from $257-$16,638
Art in Public Spaces
Allocates not less than 1% of the cost of construction or renovation of publicly accessible state buildings toward public artwork for that building.
Supports the planning and implementation
of community-based public art projects.
Grant requests range from $7,500 to $35,000

In FY16, Six (6) grants were awarded totaling $155,000
John Cusano
Community Development
Public Art Community Projects
Grants range from $7,500 to $35,000
In FY16, seven (7) grants were awarded totalling $170,000.
Connecticut was
among the 1st states
to enact 1% for Art legislation (1978)

The Arts
Mean Business
in Connecticut

arts-related businesses
36,539 people
in Connecticut
$462.5 million

in household income
to local residents

The non-profit arts and culture sector generates
$653 million
in total economic activity
$455.5 million
spent by Connecticut's
non-profit arts & culture organizations
$197.5 million
in event-related spending by audiences in CT
$59.1 million
in local and state government revenue
The Arts Mean Business across the Nation
The Arts & Culture sector represents
4.32 percent
of the U.S. gross domestic product

$698.7 Billion
Higher than tourism (2.6%)
Higher than transportation (2.7%)
Higher than construction (3.4%)
The Arts Transform.....
TOURISM - Arts & culture attracts
156 million
domestic & international travelers, who stay longer and spend more money than other travelers.
COMMUNITIES - The University of Pennsylvania researchers have demonstrated that a high concentration of the arts in a city leads to higher civic engagement, more social cohesion, higher child welfare and lower poverty rates.
EDUCATION- Students who benefit from arts education have higher GPAs and standardized test scores and lower drop-out rates.
In FY16, ninety-nine (99) grants were awarded totaling $515,000.
Nearly 400 public art projects have been completed.
A database for artists who are interested in pursuing public art opportunities in Connecticut.

Open to both Connecticut artists and Out-of-State artists

Is the primary resource used in selecting artists for Connecticut's
Art in Public Spaces projects.

Art in Public Spaces Registry

Connecticut Artists Collection
Part of the Art in Public Spaces program

Established to acquire and exhibit artwork by
distinguished Connecticut artists and to preserve the works for future generations.

Artwork in the collection can be seen in the State Capitol, Legislative Office Building, State government facilities, & community colleges
What's Next
for the Connecticut
Office of the Arts.....
Creation of a 5- year, state-wide
Arts & Cultural strategy

March 2, 2016
Connecticut Arts Endowment
Good To Great (bond funds)
Regional Initiative project grants
Arts & Community Impact project grants
Public Art Community project grants
Arts Learning project grants
Supporting Arts in Place
(general operating support)

We provide Funding Opportunities to
individual artists
arts organizations:

Arts In Education - HOT Schools
Art in Public Spaces (1% for Art)
Regional Services Organizations
Folk & Traditional Arts
PEER Advisor Network

Programs and Services
Our very own
ZOOM fellow
Alison Lubin
Did you know that Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman was an
x-ray technician before she held public office?
Senator Tony Hwang
Senator Beth Bye
Senator Bob Duff
Featured speaker
New Haven artist,
Titus Kaphar
Jay Dick
Americans for the Arts
Lt. Governor
Nancy Wyman
Catherine Smith
Kristina Newman-Scott
Panel Discussion
on Funding for
the Arts
Students from the Regional Center for the Arts in Trumbull CT
Our Commissioner
Panel Discussion on the Impact of the Arts
Our Deputy Commissioner,
Tim Sullivan
John Cusano
Keynote Speaker
Theo Edmunds
Lu Rivera received the
for her 28 years of service
in the arts office
Legislative Reception celebrating 50 years
Todd Levine

Jenny Scofield
Mary Dunne
Our SHPO friends came to celebrate Arts Day
We the Arts!

April 6 - New Haven
April 12 - Waterford
April 15 - Fairfield
April 19 - North
April 19 - Waterbury
April 20 - Hartford
April 20 - Litchfield
April 21 - Danbury
April 26 - TBD
Upcoming Charrettes
Americans for the Arts'
Arts & Economic Prosperity Report

Collaboration with the
Dept. of Transportation on an
Arts-In-Transit task force

Streamlining the grants process


Did you know?
Art programs are mandatory in countries that rank highest for math and science.
Did you know.....
Participation in the art increases blood flow in the brain by 10%.
Did you know.....
Students in arts programs outperform their non-arts peers on the
SAT by 91 points


are 44% less likely to use drugs
Did you know.....
When you stare at great artwork, the part of the brain that is stimulated is the same as when you fall in love.
Did you know?
Health Equity & the Arts
Round Table
March 3, 2015
Arts & Community Impact
Kristina Newman-Scott
Bonnie Koba!
Did you know.....
Ballet and football use the same muscle groups, require similar skills and even some of the same injuries are common.

Some NFL players take ballet as a form of
cross-training to increase their flexibility,
strength, agility and endurance.
Connecticut State Troubadour, Kate Callahan
Watch for her on Gilmore Girls.......
Rhonda Olisky
John Cusano
Lu Rivera
Leigh Johnson
Executive Assistant
State Poet Laureate,
Rennie McQuilkin
Teaching Artist L'Ana Burton brings dance into school curriculum
What should we START, CONTINUE, STOP?
Someone wants to KEEP Kristina!
Someone wants us to STOP complaining that we don't have the time
Senator Beth Bye
Senator Bob Duff
Connecticut State Troubadour,
Kate Callahan
Arts & Community Impact
Criminal Justice
Nine Regional DRSOs
Arts Intervention Re-Entry Project for Incarcerated Dads and Their Families
- Judy Dworin Performance Project
Designed to
facilitate communication
strengthen family bonds
between incarcerated fathers, their children, and their children's caregivers
Series of workshops to guide participants through a
, and
exploration of who they are as individuals and as fathers
(HOT Schools)
HOT Schools integrate the arts across disciplines, creating arts-rich environments that motivate students to make connections between and among subject areas and ideas

The arts stimulate student learning,
improve culture and climate of schools,
inspire the professional development of educators, and intentionally engage parents in the process.
Began in select CT schools in 1994
Served over 47 schools in all congressional districts
Reached over 100,000 students
The My Windham Project
"I think that the most successful components were those that were outdoors - either in storefronts, on walls, in parks, or on the street" -
Gail Gelburd
, project organizer
Businesses on Main Street, artists from Eastern CT, local restaurants, landlords, the Town, and University all came together to transform Main Street in April 2015
The Art of Community Protection and Service
Troy Zuashny
engages local high school students and community partners in order to build trust and understanding between New London's youth and police department

The final result will be a mural created with the assistance of students that paints a more positive vision of public safety
What is fi yu cyan un fi yu
Health Equity Roundtable
the creative revolution
"Health, when combined with creativity and empowerment, transforms what a person can't do into what a person (or community) can do."
Vibrancy Indicators
Employment rate
Creative industry jobs
Cell phone activity
Mixed use blocks
Population density
Independent businesses
Public art across the nation
Boston, MA
San Pedro, CA
Dept of Play, Boston
Jamestown, ND
York Moms and Kids
(Judy Dworin
Performance Project)
Project Storefronts
State Historic Preservation Office

Rehabilitation Tax Credits
Modern Hotel America
Loom City Lofts, Vernon
Historic Restoration Fund Grant
Norfolk Public Library
State Historic Preservation Team
Doug Royalty
Hurricane Sandy Grants Administrator
Mary Dunne
Certified Local Government &
Grants Coordinator

Julie Carmelich
Historic Tax Credit Coordinator

Catherine Labadia
Staff Archaeologist

Todd Levine
Architectural Historian &
Environmental Review
Jenny Scofield
State and National Register Coordinator

Basic Operational Support Grants
Certified Local Government Program
Historic Restoration Fund Grants
Survey & Planning Grants
Threatened Properties Fund Grants
Historic Homes Rehabilitation Tax Credit
Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentive
Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit
Connecticut Freedom Trail Administration
Connecticut Historic Cemeteries and Gravestone Protection
Minority and Women's History studies
Henry Whitfield State Museum
Old Newgate Prison
Prudence Crandall Museum
Connecticut Arts Endowment
Good to Great
Regional Initiatives
Arts and Community Impact
Public Art Community Projects
Supporting Arts in Place
Arts Learning
The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) is responsible for overseeing the governmental program of historic preservation for Connecticut’s citizens

SHPO administers a range of federal and state programs that identify, register and protect the buildings, sites, structures, districts, and objects that comprise Connecticut's cultural heritage

SHPO funds close to $1M per year in historic preservation and awareness grants
Sloan Museum
Historic Designations
Connecticut has 61 National Historical Landmarks, more than 51,000 properties listed on the National Register, and more than 75,000 properties listed on the State Register
Historic Preservation Through Environmental Review
Clapp House
Soapstone Quarry
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