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Meredith Walker

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of NFL: NO MORE

Since 1920
"We need to change our policies and procedures...and we need to get some help doing that." - Robert Goodell, NFL Commissioner
History of the NFL
NFL SWOT Analysis and PR Issue
PR Tactics
The public's perception of the NFL has been tarnished by domestic violence issues that have taken place within the league. Their lack of a genuine effort to take a stand against it did not help their image either. What they need is a stable base to rebuild a strong, successful and genuine reputation to the public while taking a stand against domestic violence.
New Policy
Making videos & commercials
Donating air time to the no more campaign
Social media campaigns
PR 3311
Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Group 7
Target Audience/Goals and Objectives
To make clear the NFL's stance on domestic violence and to raise awareness nationwide.
To raise America's awareness about the NFL's newly proclaimed stance on domestic violence by a substantial amount shortly after the 2015 Super Bowl.
Disassociation - attempts to distance an organization from the wrongdoing associated with it.
Investigation - the organization promises to examine the situation and then to act as the facts warrant
Corrective action - Involves taking steps to contain a problem, repair the damage, and/or prevent its reoccurrence
Results & Campaign SWOT Analysis
Suggestions & Lessons Learned
- Huge fan base across the US
- Super Bowl, most watched sports event in the US
-Top Sponsors
- Lack of a global fan base
- Low credibility due to doping, domestic violence and scandals from players, coaches and owners
- The NFL has such a huge and loyal fan base, this can be used to send out a message and create a campaign to combat domestic violence
- Other major sports leagues such as the MLB, NBA and MLS can take away viewers, fans and decrease sales
- Backlash from the people involved in the scandals
- Domestic abuse accounts for 48% of the league's most violent crime arrests
- Many believe that the NFL only began their campaign after so much negative media attention after the Ray Rice incident in 2014
- NFL saw a high rise in domestic violence from 2012 - 2014
- Not until August did Commissioner Roger Goodell announce the necessity for changes in the NFL's disciplinary policy
Various players from the NFL released PSA's, but this was seen as a sad PR attempt to "fix" what happened. Thanksgiving day new PSA's were released by players with in a "No More" advertisement and donated commercial time to the campaign during the Super Bowl. The NFL public relations department, Commissioner Goddell, coaches and players are continual partners of the no more organization and campaign against domestic violence.
- Partners such as Avon Foundation for Women, Break the Cycle, Mary-Kay Inc., The Allstate Foundation, etc. allow the campaign to reach a broad target audience
- The pubic does not see the campaign as genuine, but as a way to create a positive public image for themselves
- The NFL has the opportunity to go global with this campaign
- Since this is an on-going campaign, there may be more domestic violence cases that happen and they have more potential to tarnish the campaign

The American National Football League was founded in August of 1920. It now consists of 2 conferences, the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference, making up a total of 32 teams. It is now the top spectator sport in the US and has become a huge part of American culture over the years.
The NFL suffered a huge blow because of domestic violence issues and how the organization handled the problem. After finding out that domestic violence has been an issue in the NFL for over a decade, we suggest that they be more efficient in upholding their code of conduct and that appropriate acts are taken when team members, coaches and any other staff that participate in any kind of malice behavior. We also suggest that Roger Goddell orchestrate a series of seminars for everyone involved in the NFL to educate them about issues such as domestic violence as well as clearly lay out how they are expected to act and the consequences if they do not live up to these expectations. The PR department can't catch everything, especially in such a fast pace world they are working in, but they need to be one step ahead and constantly looking out for what is best for the National Football League.
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