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Crestdale Positive Behavior Support

Angel Pankratz

on 11 August 2010

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Transcript of SHRRP 2

Positive Behavior Support Crestdale Elementary Connie Miller,
Principal Students Teachers 4 year work in
progress "SHaRRP" Safety To act in
ways that keep
you and others
free from harm. Honesty To be
truthful and
reliable, worthy
of the trust of
others. Respect To
show care and
consideration for
self and others. Responsibility To take care of
your duties. Perseverance To continue
doing something
that is difficult Arrival/Dismissal/
Gym Hallway Restrooms Cafeteria Playground Classroom Keep backpack on
your back
Walk to and from the
Stay on the sidewalk Return items found to
Apologize for
Stay in designated
area Keep hands and feet
to yourself
Voice level is at
requested level Follow directions
from all adults
Make sure an adult
knows where you are
at all times
Check in at office
when late
Be sure you leave
gym with all
Ask for help when
needed Do the right thing Use zero voices
during the school
Use voice level 1
during arrival
and dismissal
Do not touch
things or people Go straight to
and from
destination WALK!
No horseplay Stay in line
Have a pass Use soap and paper
towel to wash
hands only
Keep water in the
sink and toilet Report problems to
adults Flush for next
Place paper towels
in trashcan
Honor privacy of
Do not vandalize
property Leave promptly
Always wash
Use appropriate
voice level Report spills
Use utensils
Report choking to
adult Eat only your own
food Level 1 voices only
Keep hands and
feet to self
Follow directions
of adults in charge
Use good dining
manners Clean up own area
Dispose of trash
Food should
remain in
container Encourage others
to behave
Attempt to take
care of own needs Follow
Let an adult
know if
something is
wrong Share and be
Take turns Keep hands
and feet to self
Listen to all
adults Watch out for
each other
equipment and
Pick up
property Be a good
winner and
Problem Sit with chair and feel flat on floor
Keep hands and feet to self
Walk at all times
Push in your chairs
Know procedures for drills
Keep your possessions in your desk or in their proper place
Be aware of what and who is around you
(M.O.P.) If injury could happen to Me, Others, or Property,
don’t do it Own your actions and words
Take responsibility for your mistakes (you will learn from
ALWAYS tell the truth
Encourage others to tell the truth, and support them when
they tell the truth
If it is not yours, do not touch or take
Do the right thing even if no one is watching or no one else
is doing the right thing Listen to others (peers and adults)
Treat others the way you want to be treated (Golden Rule)
Return borrowed things
Use good manners (please and thank you)
Take turns (share)
Respect all adults as authority
Be open-minded to everyone’s opinion
Ask before using others’ things Be prepared for class (homework, planner, materials, folder
returned, permission slips returned)
Use materials properly (use of and return)
Take responsibility for your own actions (no blaming
Keep your desk clean
Put your things away
Pick up after yourself
Use materials as if they are your own
Take care of your community Never give up
Stay on task
Focus on the objective
Adapt and overcome
Expect your best
Ask for help after your own attempt
Be willing to try again
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