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No description

Andrea Hust

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Appendicitis

Symptoms Hard to pinpoint at first Nausea and vomiting Early symptoms Later Symptoms Abdominal pain Loss of appetite between right hip bone and bellybutton If ruptures pain becomes diffuse again abdominal pain easy to locate in one area (McBurney's point) What is Appendicitis? the inflammation of the appendix If left untreated: will burst spill infectious materials into the abdominal cavity What causes it? Facts In the U.S. 1 in 15 people will get appendicitis rare under the age of 2 most common between ages 10 and 30 occurs when appendix becomes blocked Often blocked by stool, a foreign body, or cancer may also occur from infection Other symptoms fever of 99-102 degrees Fahrenheit Inability to pass gass Severe cramps constipation or diarrhea with gas painful urination What do you do if you think you may have it? do not eat or drink don't use any pain remedies, antacids, or heating pads seek medical attention immediately How it can be diagnosed abdominal exam urine test rectal exam blood tests CT scans Treatments appendectomy can usually return to normal activities within 2 to 3 weeks after surgery If appendix has abscess it will first be drained Preventions no way to prevent eat foods high in fiber (fruits and vegetables) Famous Cases Brody Jenner Harry Houdini- died of it Lindsey Lohan Zac Efron Jordin Sparks king of England, Edward VII History of Appendicitis first descriptions date to the 16th Century Was not formally described until 1524 by da Capri the first described case was by Fernal of a 7 year old girl with it Amyand is credited with the first appendectomy Charles McBurney described the anatomic landmark which is known as "McBurney's point" The term became widely used after Edward VII suffered from appendicitis
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