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Soap Shish

No description

Cansu Akarsu

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Soap Shish

soap breaks down grease and dirt
" When I wash my hands,
it takes time from my playtime.
And since I wash my hands alone,
I feel like it is a boring activity."
A culture of hand washing does not really exist.
Only 7% of kids wash their hands.

-2007 study by Water and Sanitation Program
Hand Washing
prevents disease-causing pathogens
from spreading
reduces the transmission of
diarrhoeal disease by over 40 percent!
Usage in Schools
- Left and right
Up and down

- Hand washing duration
Gets always dirty mama
Gets always dirty
Move it up move it down
Left and right all clean

Pour me the water mama
My hand is squishy
Move it in move it out
Gets always all clean
Additional Features
- Protecting from rain

- Thaumatrope

- Avoiding waste
Soap Shish Activity
Introduction of Primary User Test
Business Plan
Expected Impact
- Hygiene Behaviour Change

7% of percent of kids ---> 80-90%

- Decrease in Medical Expenses and Child Deaths

by decreasing the transmission of many diseases.
Why Soap Shish?
- Durable in school environment

- Attractive to children

- Avoiding soap from being wasted

- Modular structure
Design Objectives
Shish kebab
Importance of Soap Usage
Hygiene as a behaviour
Problem Analysis
Soap usage in schools
User Test
3rd grade 10 year-old 31 students
making a thaumatrope
front part: draw what you are scared of
rear part: draw your hands
-various shapes and scents of soap
-sound or music during the usage
-to make their own soap
Children wanted
- Fun and attractive
- Creates a hygienic habit
- Prevents soap theft
Soap gets melt, lost and stolen
Credits to
INDEX: Design Challenge 2010
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