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All About U.S. Coins

introduction to coins...money, education, 3rd grade, teachers, fun

Luke Bergeson

on 28 June 2012

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Transcript of All About U.S. Coins

Let's Dive Into Coins! penny 1cent
$0.01 Who is on the penny? Abraham Lincoln our 16th president HEADS TAILS What is on the back of a penny? The Lincoln Memorial Look closely Closer... Ever notice this?
It is a statue of Abraham Lincoln.
It is inside the Lincoln Memorial.
You can see it on the back of a penny.
Go ahead, check for yourself! By Luke Bergeson
3rd grade teacher
University Place Elementary Every coin has two sides. nickel 5 cents
$0.05 Who is on the nickel? Thomas Jefferson our 3rd president What is on the back of the nickel? No, it is not the White House. No, it is not the Capitol Building. Monticello Thomas Jefferson's home Want to learn more? Here we go! more nickels more pennies dime 10 cents
$0.10 Who is on the dime? Franklin D. Roosevelt our 32nd president What is on the back of the dime? 3 things:
olive branch
oak branch olive branch
symbolizes peace torch
symbolizes enlightenment,
hope, and liberty oak branch
symbolizes victory quarter 25 cents
$0.25 Who is on the quarter? George Washington our 1st president What is on the back of the quarter? bald eagle
our national bird Every state has its own quarter. Alabama state quarter Still want more? Who knew coins
could be so fun? The End Turn and tell your partner
2 things you have learned
about coins so far.
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