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Central Africa

No description

Southeast Jaguars

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Central Africa

Central Africa
By Charity, Jonathan, And Elizabeth Physical Geography Traditional
People Goverment Popular Culture Visit Countries Of Central Africa

Central Africa
Equotorial Guinea
Sao Tome and Princeipe
Democratic republic of the Congo

Countries In This Region

Most people in Central Africa are christians or followers of traditional African religions


Central Africa Landforms

The mountains of Central Africa rise on the western edge of the region along the Atlanta coast of cameroom. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Ruwenzori mountains tower above the Central African peteau. Climate

The average annual temperature is near 80 Farhenheit ( 27 Centigrade) and varies only a few degrees from month to month Who Are They?

People living in or near the rain forest depends on there Products. What Are They Like?

Most family's keep chicken sorgoe so men hunt for deer or monkeys to add to the family meals,
river,rain do not call the forests shelters you a jungle. The mbuti men are hunters as well as food gatheres. Issues Surviving In The Modern World....

I would not go there because they are running out of Monkeys because they eat all of them so they want die they need food. What Types Of These Goerment?

In resent years Central Africa has been republic, and Sao Tome and Princeipe have begun moving toward democracy and multply party elections. What Are These Countries Like Today These countries are very tiny and it is a very small
nation. They have lots boats and there are alot of people,they eat lots of fish and have alot of trees, dirt and whater but it is not very clean it is very nasty for them to drink. Would You Like To Visit This Area? Why Or Why Not? I would not like to visit Central Africa
because they eat monkeys and goats also they
don't have very much houses to live in and they
kill animals just for food.
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