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Deep Blue

No description

Katelyn Hutchinson

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Deep Blue

Favorite Passage
My favorite passage in the book, Deep Blue was when Vraga was trying to explain to Astrid that she needed to look past the bad deeds of her ancestors and into how he had been before he went rogue. The passage says, "..."
The main characters in the book, Deep Blue, are Serafina, Isabella, Neela, Thalassa, and Babba Vraga. Serafina is Isabella's daughter and prinipessa of Miromara. She is to be betrothed to a mermaid named Mahdi. She soon finds out that he has changed since she last saw him. Isabella is queen of Miromara and ver lady-like. She rules with honesty and Justice and her people love her. Neela is Serafina's best friend and Mahdi's cousin. She is from Matali in the Indian Ocean. She is bright blue and when she is nervous she starts to glow. Neela also has a thing for candy. Thalassa is a canta mangus, which is a female mermaid that can cast the most powerful song spells in the kingdom. A song spell is a spell cast through singing. Each note has to be presice or the spell will be weak. Babba Vraga is a witch who is trying to keep a monster of evil, named Abbadon, from destroying the seas.
There are three settings in my book. The first setting is in Miromara. It is a wonderful kingdom in the Mediteranean Sea. The Queen Isabella is a wonderful ruler and all of the kingdom trusts her very much. The second setting is in a lagoon where Neela and Serafina are trying to get away from General Kolfinn and King Traho who is trying to kill them. The last setting is in Babba Vraga's cave. The Six had finally come together and Vraga was showing them new song spells to strengthen them.
POV and Plot
The point of view in my book is third person because in the dialogue it says, "him, her, she, he, they, and their."
In the beginning Serafina is getting ready for her Dokimi, or her wedding day. Her tutor Thalassa is helping her practice her song-spell that she will perform. Neela, her best friend, is with her also helping her dress. She goes out to the crowd and is ready to sing when her mother gets shot by a poison arrow, and dies. Serafina and Neela flee the kingdom and go into hiding.
In the middle they meet another mermaid who had the same dream as them, her name was Ling. They have to dress up as swashbucklers so they don't draw attention to themselves. Serafina cut her hair short, Neela stained her hair and lips black, and Ling put her hair up in hundreds of tiny braids. They kept moving to the Cave of Babba Vraga.
In the end they finally made it to the Cave of Babba Vraga. In the cave they found three more mermaids that had received the dream and they found out they were The Six. The mermaids had been chosen because of their talents. Their names were Becca, Ava, and Astrid. Ava was blind so she had a seeing-eye fish. Becca came from the Carribean and she had worked in a pearl shop after school. Ling had come from Matali in the Southern Ocean. Astrid made things a little complicated because she was the daughter of King Kolfinn who was trying to kill Serafina and Neela. Vraga tells The Six which mermaids they descended from. Astrid was descended from the mermaid who destroyed the first kingdom, which got on her nerves and she left. Traho finally found the Caves and The Six went into a mirror to escape. Vraga smashed the mirror with a rock as she got attacked by the mermen. That was the last thing Serafina saw before the mirror was destroyed.

The conflict in the story is Character vs. Societythat Seraqfina's mother has been killed and the General Kolfinn is trying to kill Serafina and Neela. They have hound sharks and soldiers after them and Serafina is still trying to stay strong after her mother's death. They are trying to get to the caves in the Lagoon where Babba Vraga lives. They were summoned in a dream and just know that they need to go.
The Hidden Message
The hidden message in the book is fight for what you believe in. Serafina's mother was murdered and she recieved a dream telling her to go to the Cave of Babba Vraga. Neela, her best friend, received the same dream and Serafina decided that they needed to go where the dream instructed. She believed it was a sign from her mother, because the voice was her's.
Deep Blue
By: Jennifer Donnelly

I would definitely recommend this book to any girls who love fantasy books. It's not much of a guys book because it has mermaids in it, but you never know. It was a great book, and it is the first book in a series. I will be definitely getting the rest of the books. Jennifer is an awesome author!
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