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Using MarcEdit (Reclassification Project)

No description

Amjad Husain

on 9 January 2017

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Transcript of Using MarcEdit (Reclassification Project)

Using MarcEdit & Data Exchange
to load the file
MarcEdit & Reclassification
Using MarcEdit
Creating the data for use in MarcEdit
The initial create list (All bib records for reclassification)
Exported the list into Microsoft Excel & added new DDC classmark
Exported Tags below assisted reclassification
Local reclassification of the books
Creating the data for use in MarcEdit
OCLC Classify website
Used as a means of confirming Dewey Classmark
Invaluable tool to facilitate functions on Millennium
Can create bibliographic record from data from a spreadsheet
Data converted & imported via Data Exchange
Used to upload new Dewey classmarks from a spreadsheet
Old UDC Classmark
Amjad Husain (Chief Library Assistant)
Final file to use in MarcEdit
Broad range classifying based on UDC classmark
Determining the classmark
082 TAG - acceptable Dewey number
ISBN & OCLC Classify website used
Broad range classifying based on UDC classmark
Original reclassification based on title & subject headings (650's)
New DDC Classmark
Frequently used classmarks
Respective editions
Assumptions made
E.g. All "L 681.327.8 OPE" --> "004.6 OPE"
Still needed some original classification
DDC Classmark combined with |b
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