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Ruby bridges

No description

luisa fierro

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Ruby bridges

Ruby Bridges
Who helped Ruby
US marshals
helped the mobs not hurt Ruby she was not the only girl. W ho was going to make a stand were 5 other girls

Fun Fact

The people were very mad at ruby
they would sit in front of the school and yell mean thing

Ruby family was very poor
Ruby had 2 younger brother's one younger sister.
Mom Lucille & dad Abon Bridges

how did she help african american
After some time integration was accepted by the community, more and more people enrolled in integrated schooling
Who helped
Ruby parent's were a big help
reason why
gave lovingsupport

video sores
fun fact
The school name was William Franz public school,
first day of school 11-14 -1960
teacher's name was Miss Henry

Ruby is born

Ruby Bridges was born in Mississippi, on a farm where her parents worked.
Ruby's family moves

Ruby's parents moved the family to New Orleans. It was their hope that they would receive a better life in the city.
Ruby takes a special test

The board of education put out a test for black children, to measure whether or not they could attend an all-white school. Ruby was one of only six kids in New Orleans who passed the test.
Ruby goes to a new school

That fall, when school started, Ruby was the first black child in the south to attend an all-white school. She was escorted to the doors by federal marshals.
Ruby Bridges is best known for being the first black child to attend an all-white school. She didn't stop there, though. Ruby went on to work actively in the Civil Rights Movement, and her contribution to society lives on.
Life goes on

Ruby's second year at school went more smoothly than the first, but there was still racism toward her. One child refused to be her friend because Ruby was black.
Ruby gets married

Ruby went on to finish school and get married. She lived a happy life, not sure why she had experienced the things she had when was little.
Ruby saw her old teacher miss Henry
She forms a foundation
Ruby Bridges Foundation.

ruby bridges hard time
No student in the class room
To get to school walk passed hateful mobs
Whites did not want nothing to do with Ruby
Ruby Bridges is still a live
By .Luisa Fierro
welcome to the world
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