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7 Habit of Highly Effective People:Synergize


Suliman Alhajri

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of 7 Habit of Highly Effective People:Synergize

The 7 Habits of
Highly effective
People Synergize is : Nature Business Stephen R. Covey Communities Habit of Creative cooperation

Celebrating Differences


Finding New and Better Ways to do things " The Essence of synergy is to Value Differences-
to respect them, to build on strengths, To compensate for weaknesses " Water,Sun, And soil all working together
as a team to make the seeds ( plants ) to
grow Combine two separate companies the positive qualities of each can be utilized to achieve the maximum potential Increase our capacity to create and manifest the things we want in our lives. By: Suliman M. Alhajri & Abdulrahman Alhumaidan Q : What is Synergize, Anyway Tolerating Differences What Isn't Synergy With Synergy we can creat new alternatives, achievements, Something That wasn't There before Synergy Can Catalyzes, Unifies, and unleash the greatest power within people Do We Really Need To be Synergized What is The Benefits of Being Synergized Synergy Facts Synergy can catalyzes, Unifies , and unleash the greatest power within people With Synergy we can create new alternatives-Achievements something that wasn't there before Solve complex problems
Experience great results together Energy & Motivation How do we Get Started ? Umm, Where we can find it ? Use Your Braincells for
Once Basically Synergy is Everywhere Nature Community Business Nature Business Communities The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Working With Different people.. Linguistic: Learn Through reading,Writing telling Stories
Logical-Mathematical : Learn through Logic, Patterns, Categories relationships
Bodily-Kinesthetic : Learn through Bodily Sensations,Touching
Spatial: Learn Through images & pictures
Musical : Learn through Sound Rhythm
Interpersonal : learn through interaction & communication
intrapersonal : learn through their own feelings Different Types of people that make up a great team Plodders : Sure And Steady,They Stick to the Job until its done

Followers : They are Very Supportive of leaders- If they have great idea they can run with it

Innovators : They are creative-Idea People

Harmonizers : They Provide Unity & support-& they are great Synergizers as they Work with others & encourage cooperation

Show-off : they are fun to work with, They can be tough at times, they add a spice & momentum needed to bring the team over-all success Team Work And Synergy Seven Kind Of Smarts More innovative methods Increase Productivity Courtesy in society and fairness in all things Share similar interests In Conclusion You don't have to take insults personally.

You can sidestep negative energy.

You can look for the good in others.

You can express ideas, feelings, and experiences in way that will encourage others to be open also. Thank You Tolerating Differences Working Independently Thinking Your Always Right Mr.99th Mrs.99th
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