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MIDEC Website Case Study

This case study presents how Seward built MIDEC a great website.

Nell Kauls

on 7 July 2010

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Transcript of MIDEC Website Case Study

Client Seward Website Case Study Minnesota International Development
Education Consortium MIDEC What They Do MIDEC promotes sustainable education and development around the world. Consultants have trained teachers in Malawi, supported teacher development in Macedonia, and improved education for marginalized girls around the world. MIDEC has brought together experts from Seward International, the University of Minnesota, and Miske Witt and Associates. They also have strong bonds with individual consultants around the world. Allowing Their Mission to Emerge MIDEC did not have a website. Their content was available on individual consultants' blogs and websites. It was our goal to give MIDEC a website that communicates the bold, innovative, and important work they do. Seward worked with MIDEC to clarify their mission and prioritze their onine marketing goals. What We Delivered Seward delivered a website that allows MIDEC to: Share their life-changing projects with readers, featuring their stories front and center.

Communicate their mission with stories, testimonials, and social media.

Show their capabilities.

Keep readers informed of their latest projects and travels with a news page populated from their social media channels.
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