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6.03 How Do Externalities Affect You?

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Cindy Martinez

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of 6.03 How Do Externalities Affect You?

6.03 How Do Externalities Affect You?

Step 1
People can come together and begin a protest to clear water pollution. I can help by volunteering to clean up trash on the beach. I can also spread the word about stopping water pollution. Many people would oppose this because they believe it would be too costly and take too much time.
Negative Externalities: The community would start sueing the government because of illnesses arising from the unsanitary water.
Positive Externalities: Inflation would decrease due to water pollution which would then in turn increase demand of food crops.
Negative Externalities: Commercial fishing and aquaculture are less likely to be profitable. Also causes a damage to recreational facilities, particularly around fresh water lakes.
Positive Externalities: Helps employess work in a safer environment. Decrease of unemployment because more jobs would be availible.
Negative Externalities: Contaminated water is harmful to human beings. Unsanitary water can lead to serious illnesses and to severe cases, death.
Postive Externalities: Households are beginning to invest in buying hybrid cars. Also, recycling is emphasized now to help the enviornment.
Rest of the world
Negative Externalities: Many 3rd world countries rely on outdoor sources for water and have limited availbility for water treatment.
Postive Externalities: Because of the great awareness less developed countries are getting affected majorly by water pollution.
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