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By: Nicolas Sousa

Yonatan Wilsen

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Cancer

CANCER Melanoma Leukemia Pancreatic Cancer Makes small scars in your skin If not treated early, it can kill you The most dangerous type of skin cancer Can build tummors in your skin system which can destroy the blood system and destroy the skin sytem which after that can kill you. Starts in your melanomic cell which makes it reproduce uncontrolably and makes them work worse that what they did before. The Skin system is the place where this occures this system is the first line of defense of your body.If it gets affected by melanoma your defenses get really low and you can gt sick very easy. Skin System Structure Function First lline of protection for the body. Dermis Epidermis Fascia or Hypodermis Producer of vitamin D Energy storage Temperature Regulation Sensory Organ Five Layers of Strata that are dad cells. Deadly Disease Only 25% of the people who have it can survive Immune system Structure B-Cells T- Cells Platlets White Blood Cells Antibodies Cancer to the blood Very Dangerous Attacks youre immune system Reproduces inside T cells Weakens you Same effects as any other cancer type Makes regeneration process slower Stops reproduction of white blood cells One of the worst types of cancer common in old people One of the most expensive disease, not even the most rich people can pay a complete treatment Causes Of Pancreatic Cancer Age (60+) Smoking Exesive amount of alcohol Family History (5-10 %chances) Diets high in red meats Function Prevents Diseases in the body Prevents microbes from entering Forms scabs
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