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Car Radio: Figurative Language and more

No description

Alexandra Hayes

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Car Radio: Figurative Language and more

Song Information
Written by: Tyler Joseph
Preformed by: Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun
Released: 2011
The narrator of this song could be so many people, I chose what I believe him to be. I believe the narrator to be a person whose thoughts constantly overwhelm them. The gender and age of the person is not specified throughout the lyrics, it stays very neutral on that subject.
By Twenty One Pilots
This song contains one main symbol, which is the car itself. The parts of the car this includes are the radio and the steering wheel.

The car radio in this song is meant to represent distraction from the narrator's overwhelming thoughts, just like an actual car radio distracts a person from the traffic on the highway.
One of the lines of the song is, "I could turn the steering wheel". If he were actually taking about his car this would make perfect sense, but we have already established that the car radio represents distraction. This means that the steering wheel represents the narrator's thoughts. By turning the steering wheel, the narrator is changing the direction of his thoughts.
Significance of the Title
Figurative Language featured
Personification: To give a non-human thing human qualities
Rhyming: one sound or similar sound repeated at the end of 2 or more words
Repetition: the same word or group of words repeated several times
Internal Conflict: psychological struggle within the mind
The theme of the song is that sometimes your thoughts will most definitely overwhelm you. Sometimes its completely unavoidable, but its always best to deal with it then and there. If you don't deal with it then, it will get worse as times go on. Eventually it will get so bad that you cannot even comprehend the pain anymore.
The repeated line throughout the whole song is " And now I just sit in silence". The narrator is trying to get the point across that his thoughts are coming to surface again and again without distraction.
Internal Conflict
The whole song is one example of internal conflict. The narrator is fighting off his/her thoughts that are slowly consuming them. They are fighting themselves in order to keep their distructive thoughts.
"Skin will scream" is an example of personification. The human skin is incapable of speaking.
" no sound to hide behind" is another example. You cannot actually hide behind sound, as if it were a tall person.
" Exhale desire" is the final example I am going to mention. Lungs, i do not believe, can have desire or emotion.
The main example of rhyming is in the chorus when he says:
"I have these thoughts
So often I ought
To replace that slot
With what I once bought"
The 'ought' sound is repeated in these four lines.

In this song the title means everything, It first introduces the symbol of the narrator's car radio. It also provides the listener with the fact that distraction is key within the narrator's life.
The Song
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