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Interior Design

Informing people about what pros and cons interior design holds.

Olivia F

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Interior Design

Bathrooms Bathrooms today have a wide range of price depending on the style and quality of the appliance. $371.00 $228.00 $250.00 Living Rooms Television Accessories Living rooms vary in price by the furniture you choose to put in it. Sofas & Chairs $499.99 $349.99 $149.00 $1,149.00 $115.00 $150.00 Coffee Tables Side Tables Lamps $188.99 TV Stands Television Kitchens $3099.00 Refrigerators $219.99 Wine Coolers Kitchens have very up-to-date appliances coming out every day. They try to make them beneficial for most people handicap or not. $594.99 $369.95 Sinks Dishwashers Armchairs Sofas $197.51 Faucets Interior Design $649.99 Gas Ranges $1,249.99 Warming Drawers Costs of College Traditional Modern Modern Sectionals $2699.10 Chairs $1,035.00 Traditional Modern $1,100.00 Entertainment Centers $120.00 Table Lamps $495.00 $630.00 Coffee Tables Side Tables Traditional Modern $910.00 $381.00 Cooking Appliances Bedrooms A lot of bedrooms now days have a wide range of style to choose from and differ in price ranges also. $1,399.00 $295.00 Traditional $159.00 Traditional Modern Bathrooms Bathrooms today look very sleek and modern and look really expensive when you don't always have to spend a lot. Earnings Beds Chests Nightstands $799.99 Beds $250.00 $869.99 Nightstands Chests Modern Traditional Traditional Modern Traditional Modern $799.00 $1,139.00
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