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sierra w

on 2 April 2014

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What is globalization?
definition: glob·al·i·za·tion (noun)
health issues- health problems such as HIV/aids have become an issue. since some food items from various developing countries are being imported to Canada and the US, countries that pose as a threat are great dangers to our health.
the act of globalization is to expand to different parts of the world. globalization is also is interchange of world views.
loss of culture-people of a particular country follow its culture and traditions but when they move their culture takes a backseat. people may adapt to their new country
importance of globalization

when the europeans traded with the first nations. fur hats became very popular in Europe.
By Sierra W
Global Enabling Trade Report (2010)
The Enabling Trade Index measures the factors, policies and services that facilitate the trade in goods across borders and to destination. It is made up of four sub-indexes:
1.Market access
2.Border administration
3.Transport and communications infrastructure
4.Business environment

Top 20 Countries:[2]

1. Singapore 6.06
2. Hong Kong 5.70
3. Denmark 5.41
4. Sweden 5.41
5. Switzerland 5.37
6. New Zealand 5.33
7. Norway 5.32
8. Canada 5.29
9. Luxembourg 5.28
10. Netherlands 5.26
11. Iceland 5.26
12. Finland 5.25
13. Germany 5.20
14. Austria 5.17
15. Australia 5.13
16. United Arab Emirates 5.12
17. United Kingdom 5.06
18. Chile 5.06
19. United States 5.03
20. France 5.02

The Future
while globalization begins to increase, culture will start to mesh together.
Culture globalization has increased.
Ex. sushi in Germany
more industries and jobs in developing countries
A lot of jobs in Canada are moving to Developing countries.
it gives Canada access to pruducts that cannot grow over here. like fruits
the end
globalization affects politics in many ways. when politicians once had considered their own constituency things were simpler , but now we are dealing with things on a more global scale. all of the economies are interconnected and what happens in one country can can have negative consequences in anothers.
causes of globalization
the 3 components of international market integration:

trade, Multinational production, and international finance
globalization is the main process of development is countries like India. It helps every individual country to maintain a good country.
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