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Personal Statement

No description

Gold smiths

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Personal Statement

Good Luck!

Search 'student finance
goldsmiths' and 'personal
statement' on
prezi.com Any Questions? 75%
Academic 25% Skills, qualities,
other The UCAS Application:
Your Personal Statement Formal application
4,000 characters and 47 lines
Paragraphs are important!
Write in word processing software
then cut and paste in Apply
Spelling, grammar and punctuation
Get it checked by friends, family, etc Probably your most important piece of writing to date Why this course?
How suitable?
Past experience – academic or work
Commitment Relevant interests and activities
Not "I like going out with my mates on a Friday night"
Try to relate to course
How do these attributes
enhance you as a person? Where will your course
lead you in the future?
It’s OK not to know where
you want to end up at this stage
How will university help
you achieve your goals All-rounder
Back up all claims with evidence
What will you bring to university?
What makes you stand out? The Holistic Applicant Importance Most undergraduate courses
at most universities don’t interview
Those that do interview will often
base their questions on the statement
Often the only chance the student
has to differentiate themselves and
impress the admissions tutor Do not… …Plagiarise!
…Paste in irrelevant quotes
…Undersell yourself
…Stretch the truth
…Start sentences with ‘I’ repeatedly 25 text messages! Ben Fowler
Student Recruitment Manager
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