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UNDERGROUND by Haruki Murakami

No description

Eric Rubalcaba

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of UNDERGROUND by Haruki Murakami

UNDERGROUND Haruki Murakami The Tokyo Gas Attack
and the Japanese Psyche Haruki Murakami Born in Kyoto, Japan, in 1949. Mr. Murakami is
considered by critics as one of the greatest novelists
currently alive. His many works have been translated
into thirty-eight languages.
He recieved the Yomiuri Literary Prize, which one of
the previous recipients of it was Yukio Mishima.
His focus through his pieces are mainly surrealism,
humor, alienation, and loneliness.
Some of his most popular works include "The
Wind-Up Bird Chronicle", "TV People", and
"Norwegian Wood". The Japanese Psyche Sarin Gas Pouches Top members of Aum Shinkrikyo boarded various
trains of the Tokyo subway system. They proceeded
to drop sarin gas-filled pouches wrapped in newspaper.
By using umbrellas with sharpened tips, they pierced the
bags, releasing the unusual gas which would eventually
claim the life of 12 people and injure many others. Aum Shinrikyo Aum's Ministry of Science & Technology
Very educated members
Usually members from middle class and above
Giving up one's self for a greater cause Japan not Prepared Subway not ready to quickly asses the problem
Police didn't know how to react
Hospitals were not ready for the catastrophic event
Japanese population's mentality and indifference Shoko Asahara Leader of Aum Shinrikyo
Enlightened One
Able to change his manner of speech in seconds
Head behind terrorist attack Focus on Victims UNDERGROUND is a work produced from
collective interviews. Mr. Murakami had to
find many people and listen to different accounts
which often didn't really follow each other.
He focuses on the physical and psychological after
Example of Harumi Iwakura Effect of Murakami's UNDERGROUND This unusual title amongst Murakami's collection shows us the reasons why these people gave Shoko Asahara their devotion. It was a combination of society's lack of preparation for such a bizarre event, Japanese's mentality of "one as a whole", and the individual's constant search of purpose and belonging. In this book, Haruki Murakami, an internationally
acclaimed author and novelist, explores the happenings
behind a terrorist altercate. The attacks happened on
a Monday, March 20, 1995 in the underground Tokyo
subway system, executed by the organized religious cult
known as Aum Shinrikyo, Supreme Truth in English.
(just how many "supreme truths" are there?) This one book of Murakami stands out from the
rest in that it is more of a documentary. Murakami
went and interviewed victims and relatives, as well
as people that experienced the events first hand, to
come up with answers to things such as:
How could this happen?
Why so unprepared?
Why were the Aum members so devoted?
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