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Joseph Stalin

No description

Sienna Gonzales

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Joseph Stalin


Stalin's Methods
Stalin was secretary of Communist Party, he used his power to put his followers in important positions
Trotsky wrong date of Lenin's funeral
made Trotsky more unpopular to the people
Stalin allied Zinoviev and Kamenev to cover up Lenin’s will and to get Trotsky dismissed
Trotsky was exiled
Stalin's Methods
Stalin's Methods
Distinct Characteristics
Clever, Shrewd, Secretive:
as General Secretary of the Communist Party he filled high-ranking government positions with his followers
used his seemingly unimportant position to form ties and alliances between himself and other government officials
After Lenin's death there was a breif power struggle between
; Trotsky critisizes the Party's economic plan and supressing of democracy
Stalin launched a propaganda counterattack against Trotsky >> eventually
Trotsky was

expelled from Soviet Union
Distinct Characteristics
Highly Suspcious, Paranoid, Ruthless:
Despite the absolute power he had over his people, he was wildly paranoid of being overthrown
"The Great Purge"
(1934-1939): Stalin kills huge masses of his own people in order to rid himself of suspected rebels, including his own soldiers and generals (To prevent Military coup)
Result of Purge: weakens Russian army
even further, leaves it without defense when Germany invades:
Shows lack of forward thinking and poor planning

Point of Contrast:

Hitler and Mussolini also killed and terrorized their people, but it was with a clear goal in mind.
Hitler: extermination of a race to better Germany
Mussolini: restoration of Italy's former glory

Stalin's purposes were far more selfish: maintain power at any cost

Distinct Characteristics
Deceptive, Callous, Power-Hungry
Stalin banned openly practiced religion because he wanted his people to have faith and loyalty only to the state
; the increase of russian culture
"Socialist Realism"
: art style used to glorify the communist lifestyle
censored all writing, art work, and publications that didnt avidly support communism/Stalin himself

His priorities solely involved maintaining his own position of power, rather than the well-being of his people, the government, or even Russia itself. In that regard he was
extremely narcissistic and selfish.
Joseph Stalin
Jenna Mayo, Sienna Gonzales, Yunegyu Joo, Xi Huang
Period 3

Stalin's Methods
Role In WW2
Role in WW2
Soviet Union, Russian name in WW2 was one of the strongest country: Germany, Japan, Allies and America, armed with advanced weapons, threated other countries.

Soviet Union and Germany gets 1:1 war, called "The Battle of Kursk", caused by Hitler's ambition to conquer his rival countries.
Stalin, Lenin, Trotksy
Stalin vs Hitler
Images from the Great Purge
Joseph Stalin(1878-1953) was born on December 18, 1878. he was born into a poor family; his dad was a shoemaker and his mom was a laundress.
Stalin grew up as an only child. As a teen, he earned a scholarship to attend seminary in the near by cities and studied for the Georgian Orthodox Church.
after Stalin left school, he became an underground agitator, helped labors strike, and adopted the name koba. He later joined the bolsheviks, led by lenin. Stalin also involved into several criminal activities.
Second Five- Year Plan
Focused on communications
Plan included newer methods of increasing production
childcare(motivate women to work)
Failed to reach goal production levels
Third Five-Year Plan
focused on production of weapons
Developed five-year plans
wanted to make economy self-efficient
had farmers working on collective farms(collectivation)
First Five-Year Plan
introduced in 1928
focused on rapid industrialization
Collective Farming
caused starvation for Kulaks
peasants had to send their crops for low prices to government
Totalitarian Dictator
Ruled by terror
Had a secret police and intellegence agencies
allowed Joseph to control every aspect of life
there was no more anti-soviet activities
Adopted his idol, Ivan the terrible's, method
punished his enemies and there extended family
thought they were going to harm him

-Finally Soviet union took victory against Germany.
-At this time, Amerca, France, England, including Russia was in the Potsdam Agreement which was the confernece to decide the way for stopping Japan's congestion.
-Stalin decides to invade japan, but his plan kept being delayed since Japan was too strong.
-When America dropped nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Russia takes chance and invade them to get them to surrender; Russia took victory again.
-In Korean War, Russia took the northern side with China.
-Despite more than 40 countries were allied with south part of Korea, China and Russia were too strong to be defeated, and truce happens in 1953
-Russia was one of the countries who took victory, and they were able to spread the faith of communism; a lot of communist countries were built in the eastern Europe.
In conclusion, Stalin was a ruthless, paranoid, power-hungry dictator that cared little for his own people or country.

Died: March 5th 1953
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