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College Students Should Have Complete Freedom to Choose Thei

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Gabby Ritchie

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of College Students Should Have Complete Freedom to Choose Thei

College Students Should Have Complete Freedom to Choose Their Own Courses
They Shouldn't...
Students will be behind in some areas which could be required for their career.
Most students would not take classes that is needed for their intended major.
College students may not be mature enough to choose their own courses.
College students could of chose a class that was above their knowledge level so they weren't scoring good enough on their final exams.
Students will just take the easy way out by picking easy classes so they can graduate.
Classrooms will be overfilled and some classes won't, which causes colleges to have to hire more teachers which will cost more money.
Counter Claim
They Should...
They focus on something that can be crucial for their future career.
Students complain that they cannot choose subjects that they are interested in. They also complain about spending too much time on classes that they don't really need.
From past experiences, people say that they have wasted so much time on learning hated subjects.
If you choose the course you are more self motivated to do better in the course because you push yourself harder.
You don't have to worry about other classes because you are able to focus on the main course.

College Students should have the freedom to choose their own courses because they can choose something that's easier for them and not so stressful. It's also something that they could take which could help them in any future careers they may want to do when they graduate. Grades can improve, they can try and study for that class or it just might be a class they can really connect to.
College Students not being able to choose their own classes can make students more educated, they can be prepared for any career that is open to them. And it can teach them responsibility and challenge them to work hard and try to keep their grades up. Taking all the classes that they are required can give them a chance to explore their minds and maybe help them figure out what they want to do as a career.
The reason why that just doesn't work is because College Students should be allowed. A fact is that at a college,145 college students were allowed to choose their own courses and all of them increased their grades between B+ to an A. And before they were below a B-.The idea of that decreases the amount of students that are failing their classes. They get a head start on their career and kind of gets the idea of how it works and then later can decide if they really want to do that career or not. Students aren't as stressed out and can finally relax but they can also really enjoy and focus in the course.

College Students should have freedom to choose their own courses.
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