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Simon Janssen

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Welcome

How to start this presentation ... 1. click here to toggle full-screen 2. the "space-bar" will bring you forward ... 3. ENJOY! Where do you live? Given that you live in Germany ... ... as me ... you can buy there almost everything. Computers assembled in China Bananas picked in South-America T-Shirts made in Pakistan Isn't it strange that ... ... the bananas we eat ... ... the computers we use ... ... the t-shirts we wear ... ... have done more kilometers than most of us before? ... as me Bonn Hello! I think that's strange, indeed. So I think I should travel as far as the stuff we can buy in Germany. Bonn Bangalore I am going to travel to India. You can accompany me ... My job ... teach young students face the challenges of daily life in a threshold country get in touch with the Indian people and culture save the world (come on - you've to be realistic!) Your job ... experience all this with me AND ... (special additional offer!!) stay in your cosy home and with your beloved family no annoying mosquitos, continue on eating traditional German food (McD' & Coke) - or at least: save my stomach :) ;-) HOW? subscribe to my newsletters follow my blog watch my videos discover my photo-stream comment, share my posts skype, phone simply write a short message to ... simon-in-indien@posteo.de visit my homepage: http://www.janssensimon.wordpress.com or always on your mobile: (click to open in a new tab of your browser) Thank you for your attention :) Simon END (but the best is yet to come ...)
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