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Now, Where Have I Seen Her Before?

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on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Now, Where Have I Seen Her Before?

Now, Where Have I Seen Her Before?
HanBin Lee and Omar Imtiaz Every piece of literature relates to other works. General archetypes have been used in works of literature throughout different time periods and cultures. Example: O'Brien's Going After Caciato alludes to Alice in Wonderland Resemblance of literature is ironic, straight, comic, or tragic. Stories Grow out of Other Stories Literature is constantly evolving but the elements are the same. Example: West Side Story is developed from the elements of Shakespeare. What is the Significance? "Aha! factor" - By drawing parallels and comparisons, we can go beyond what's written in the text.

It furthers our understanding of what the author really means. Intertextuality An interactive dialogue between old texts and new texts.

Using intertextuality, we can notice more similarities and correspondences. Example: Wise Children's characters correspond to those of Shakespeare's Hamlet. It is All About Practice Pattern recognition can sometimes be found from skill or luck. However, most of it comes from practice. Reading literature from various time periods and multiple countries greatly aids pattern recognition Example: O'Brian's Going After Caciato involves elements from Alice in Wonderland. Every Piece of Literature Relates to Other Works General archetypes have been used in literature throughout different time periods and cultures Harry Potter and Dante's Divine Comedy Pocahontas and Avatar In the second part of the Divine Comedy, Dante ventures to purgatory, a place seperate from Heaven and Hell.

•After Harry is “killed” by Voldemort, he meets with Dumbledore in an otherworldly place. Harry is given the option of going onwards but refuses. Very similar plots and characters. Settlers arrive in the new world and are mining for precious minerals, main settler grows affectionate of the newfound community. Message to the audience to accept and respect people of different cultures/customs. What Do They Have In Common? Batman, Tale of Two Cities, and Jesus In Batman Dark Knight Rises, Batman sacrifices himself for the city of Gotham in order to save the people from nuclear explosion. In the Tale of Two Cities, Carton sacrficies himself for a friend, thus he can live. Sacrifice brings happiness but spiritual resurrection. THE END
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