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Edgar Allen Poe

No description

Spencer Hardage

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Edgar Allen Poe

Name: Edgar Allan Poe
Occupation: Writer
Birth date: January 19, 1809
Death date: October 07, 1849
Education: University of Virginia, U.S. Military Academy at West Point
Place of birth: Boston, Massachusetts
Place of death: Baltimore, Maryland
Biographical Information
Time Period
Edgar Allan Poe wrote during the nineteenth century in the Romanticism era, and early Victorian era.
Style of Writing
Edgar Allen Poe
By: Spencer Hardage
Kaylee Nguyen
Arianna Gonzales
Chassie Tamayo
Edgar Allan Poe was credited as the inventor of detective style fiction. Poe was famous for his mysterious, horror, and insanity genres in his works.
He uses literacy devices such as:
anadiplosis - (when the last word or words in a sentence is used as the first word or words in the next sentence)
bomphiologia - (bombastic, pompous speech)
chronographia - (vivid representation of a certain historical or recurring time to create an illusion of reality)
enargia - (a vivid description)
to help the reader better understand the characters in the story.

Romanticism Era:
Writers such as Edgar Allan Poe created a lot of fiction literary works
Focused on the sin concept and a dark look at society
Victorian Era:
Edgar Allan Poe had written "The Raven" during this time

What was going on in the world?
- Election of Andrew Jackson (1828)

- Slavery:
Illegal in New York (1827)
Georgia prohibits slave education (1829)
Banned in Great Britan (1833)

- Panic of 1837:
Financial crisis
Writers weren't paid much

- Underground Railroad is established (1830

- Texas declares independence from Mexico
Inspiration For His Work
Poe was inspired to be a writer because of his tragic life and horrible experiences.
The Raven
The Tell Tale Heart
The Fall of the House of Usher
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