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Henry VIII

No description

Jenny Holloway

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Henry VIII

King of England
1509-1547 Henry VIII --Princess of Spain
--Very Catholic
--Couldn't have a son, so Henry divorced her Wife #1: Catherine of Aragon --Catherine's Lady in Waiting
--Accused of having affairs (incest?!?)
--Had one daughter: Elizabeth I Wife #2: Anne Boleyn --Sweet and kind
--Henry's favorite wife
--Had a son: Edward VI
--Died after childbirth Wife #3: Jane Seymour --Princess of Germany
--Henry disliked her right away
--Divorced Wife #4: Anne of Cleves --Lady in waiting
--Had affairs
--Beheaded Wife #5: Catherine Howard --Functioned as the King's nurse
--Only wife to outlive the king Wife #6: Catherine Parr "Divorced, beheaded, died...divorced, beheaded, survived." *by this time, Henry weighted 300 pounds and had a smelly ulcer on his thigh that oozed puss --The pope was a personal friend of Catherine's family
--Wouldn't allow divorce
--So, Henry created his own church: Church of England or the Anglican Church
--This church was Protestant
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