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Be visible in the M2M space

M2M World News is one of the leading news sources for all Machine-to-Machine specialists worldwide. 100% online, the M2M World News team selects and delivers everyday to all M2M professionals fresh and reliable news on the M2M & IoT applications.

Visi Quest

on 17 August 2014

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Transcript of Be visible in the M2M space

We partner with the biggest M2M events around the world

M2M Forum Europe,
M2M Evolution Conference
M2M Asia Pacific Summit
Telematics Update and more...
Thousands of M2M professionals follow us every day
Why Choose M2M World News for your Visibility?
We're Independant
We target your audience
High quality content
High search engine ranking
We're listed as preferred media partners
Trusted & recognised by the industry
Competitive rates
Flexible options
We're growing fast !

M2M Business News
M2M Market Data
New M2M Technologies
M2M Products & Innovations
Latest M2M applications
Our media is Trusted & Endorsed by the key players of the M2M ecosystem
We offer competitive Flexi-Ads
M2M World News offers you to maximize the impact of your advertising by diplaying your promotional messages to a targeted and quality audience, through our channels...
100% online
100% M2M
Daily news from the Machine-to-Machine world
Consumer M2M
Our news selection covers a wide range of
Machine-to-Machine applications
Fleet Management
M2M Payments
Remote Control, Monitoring
& Tracking
Vehicle Telematics
Fitness, Health & Medical
Smart Metering
& Smart Grid
M2M World News
M2M World News is an independent online publication providing daily business insights to global M2M business readers.
M2M World News
Thank you M2M World News team. You brought order to a hectic world
and I now have all the news I need at my fingertips.
M2M World News is the authoritative source for the latest M2M news and innovation on a global basis.
It’s succinct, to-the-point reporting is the fastest way to stay on top of M2M industry developments.
G. Jensen, Corporate Communications Manager, u-blox AG
A. Bufalino, Senior EVP Global Marketing, Telit
At Telit, we have trusted M2M World News since the very beginning. M2M World News is now one
of the most important M2M portals in Europe. We look forward to working with them in the future...
This is a must-be-on website to get your latest news to the global M2M community.
B. Nay, CMO Wyless
What our customers say about us...
Our Targeted areas of news include:
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