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Auto Chlor Compliance 2010


jason crump

on 18 October 2010

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Transcript of Auto Chlor Compliance 2010

Requires totes be in whole and sound condition
Drivers Book?
Drivers Log
$10,000 Fines
Who pays?
You Do!
Breaks and Lunches are not optional!
Less than 100 air miles from the terminal.
Must begin and end at the terminal.
Must be servicing one city/area.
Shift must be less than 12 hours long.Must be updated regularly (1st Break, Lunch, 2nd Break)
Local Exemption
6:00 AM Load Truck
6:45 – 7:00 AM Drive to first stop.
7:00 – 5:30 PM Service and Deliveries in Van Nuys, CA.
5:30 – 5:45 PM Drive to Shop
5:45 – 6:15 PM Paperwork
7:00 AM Drive to Corvallis
7:45 – 12:00 PM Service & Deliveries in Corvallis, OR
12:00 – 1:45 Drive to Newport, OR
1:45 – 2:00 Service Call
2:00 – 4:45 Drive to Shop
Sample #1
Sample #2
A short pre-trip inspection should be conducted in the morning before the driver leaves for the day.
Any additional items found through out the day should be added as the day goes on.
A copy of the inspection with the discrepancy and the invoice of the repair must be filed in the vehicle file.
Pre-Trip Inspection
DOT Load Sheets
Required for all vehicles regardless of size.
All products are listed separately based on packaging.
1-Gallon containers are inventoried in case units.
It is the drivers responsibility to ensure accuracy.
All loads over 1000 lbs need to be approved by a manager.
Materials of Trade exemption.
(Shipping Papers)
Managers need to review daily to ensure DDL’s are filled out completely and accurately.
When completing in-field inspections the DDL should be updated.
Ensure repairs are made in a timely manner.
Manager Responsibilities
1001lbs of Corrosive with no other hazardous materials.
Should be removed/turned over when under 900lbs.
All four sides of the vehicle must be placarded.
Placarding Requirements
Auto Chlor System
Hazmat Handling

Load Sheets
Daily Drivers Logs
Pre Trip Inspections
Vehicle Files
Training Records
Driver Qualification Files (DQF)
DOT Recordkeeping
Bit Inspections (CA Only)
DOT Inspections (NA for CA)
Pre Trip Inspection Issue Resolutions
Service RecordsLong Form Vehicle Inspections
Fleet Maintenance Program
Attach E-Mail w/Invoice
Ensure mileage and date are on the Invoice
Invoice should have the correct license plate info
Vehicle Files
Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle Licensing
Employee Licensing
Driver Certifications
Forklift Maintenance
Forklift Certification
I.B.C. Certification
Fleet Maintenance
IIPP (Yellow Binder)
*ESP (Enhanced Security Plan)
*DOT Primer
*Hazmat Handing Procedures
Driver Safety / Skills Assessment
*In-Field Inspections
Day 20 Safety Training (7 Minute Trainers)
*Forklift Certification
Driver Records
*Required for new hires
FEDERAL: Required for all employees prior to transporting 1001lbs hazmat or crossing state lines in a vehicle weighing more than 10001lbs.FORENSIC: Used when a the Federal form is not required.
Drug Screenings
The driver’s book holds all licenses, Hazmat information and MSD sheets for all chemicals on the vehicle.
Licenses, exemptions, insurance cards and medical cards expire and must be updated regularly.
Driver’s books should be reviewed and updated each period.
It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure their driver’s book is complete and up to date.
Drivers Book
Proof of Insurance
Vehicle Registration
Hazardous Materials Transportation License
Hazardous Materials Certificate Registration
Blank DOT load sheet
DOT SP-6614 exemption (7 pages)
With the extension to the exemption
Branch Emergency Notification phone numbers
MSD Sheets for all products
Vehicle accident reporting form
Driver's Book Contents
Transporting more than 1001lbs of hazardous materials without a valid commercial driver’s license with hazmat endorsement is against company policy and can lead to disciplinary action.Drivers can be held personally responsible for any fines imposed by CHP or other enforcement agencies.
HAZMAT Endorsement
Load the truck for only the days route and emergencies.
Overloading your truck causes:
Reduced fuel economy
Increased scrutiny by law enforcement officials
Increased wear and tear on the vehicle
Load heaviest items to the rear of the Isuzu NPR’s.
All products, tools and parts need to be secured properly.
The back of the vehicle should be locked when not actively loading/unloading.
Transporting Hazmat
In-Field Inspections
(Original to Corporate, copy in DQF)

Long Form
(Original to Corporate, copy in Vehicle file)
In-Field: 2 per week
Long Form: 2 per period
Truck Inspections
The SP-6614 exemption allows us to carry 1-gallon containers of hazmat in totes.A copy of the exemption must be carried on every vehicle transporting hazmat in totes.Totes must be in whole and sound condition (No cracks)Totes must be secured against movement.Totes must be labeled with specific product label.
The following items need to be on your truck at all times:
Complete spill kit
2 fire extinguishers
Warning Triangles
Emergency Response Guidebook
Accident Package
Accident Report
Federal & Forensic Drug Test forms
Disposable Camera
Guide to drug test forms
Safety Materials
In the event your are inspected by CHP or other authority you should:
Cooperate fully and provide all information requested.
Give them the driver’s book and point out load sheet.
Open up the truck and allow them to inspect.
Answer all questions to the best of your ability
Use reference materials (IE spill clean up sheet)
Call your manager and notify corporate as soon as possible
Insure any issues found are resolved as soon as you return to the branch.
Make sure the original copy is sent to corporate for logging.
"Side Guards are required for use with prescription glasses"
"Splash Resistant Goggles are required for production and some SSRs"
"Safety Glasses are the most basic protection"
Non-Slip Shoes
Government Inspections
Top 10 OSHA Violations
Fall Protection
Hazard Communications
Respiratory Protection
Lockout Tagout
Powered Industrial Trucks
Electrical Wiring Methods
Electrical Wiring Design
Fall Protection Training
Department of Transportation (DOT)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA)
Injury and Illness Prevention Program
Day 20 Safety Trainers
Safety Meetings
Workers Compensation
Vehicle Maintenance
Driver logs
Shipping Paperwork
Driver Qualification Files
Container Closing Procedures
Pesticide Regulations
Hazardous Spill Cleanup
Hazardous Materials Storage
Black Box (O-Doom)
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