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How To Make Your Class Paperless

No description

Katie F

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of How To Make Your Class Paperless

How To Make Your Classroom Paperless With Twitter Flickr Twitter is a place to stay in
touch with people they care
about, it’s like email and
blogs put together. How can that Help? You could use twitter so classes could
put up important information. Teachers
could have times where you can twit them
to help you with problems. Flickr is a picture
website, uploading
and finding pictures. How can that Help? You can use this to help
with a project, finding pictures. Cloud computing It allows you to
save something
to the cloud, and
then pull it up on
your computer,
laptop, cell phone,
schools and computer. How dose it help? This is important because it
well makes projects easier
without any hard drive, they
mess up sometimes, also cds Pandora Pandora is an
online radio,
you can make
your own stations,
also music that’s like
the music you
like, give you ideas
that you might like. Well, when people listen
to music when working,
they will sometimes do
better because they won’t
talk and they will stay on task. Why we need it? Google Docs Google Docs is a place where
you can write something,
then send it to people
with that one copy only, not
copying over and over. How it can help us? Well it would help becaus
e it makes fixing your work easier.  Social Networking This is talking or
communicating with
people over the internet. If someone’s sick you
can talk to them that way,
or a teacher can message a
kid / student about what
they need. How can it help? Blogging From the words
web and log is
blog, blogs are
ways to share
ideas, there’s
many thing
that come
with the blog to. Why it helps? You can use blogs to help you with information about something happening in the classroom. Another thing is if you miss something you can go and the teacher’s can post the work . Wiki How can it help? Wiki is called wiki
because the inventor
of wiki had to take the
wiki wiki ((meaning fast))
shuttle. Wiki is an easy
fast way to fix websites. It lets you help
and fix other
peoples work. Gloster Gloster Is a website
to make projects easier,
you can make posters
of anything on it, post
pictures and videos. How it can help? It can help because Can help you With projects , make it easier , and easier for tyhe teacher Rss RSS means really
simple subscriptions How it can help? RSS can be used
because it’s a safe
and easy way to start
on a new website.
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